On the calm after the storm

On the calm after the storm

Well, that was another busy week! Another birthday, another party, another cake.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure whether I’m coming or going this morning.

I feel that I’m in a strange calm, after the storm of activity. There was no calm before it.

Tiredness perhaps, but after three weeks of organizing and lists and stress about forgetting something or making mistakes, it’s more like a break in service. I’m tired, but more than that, I feel slightly disconnected. As if an overload has burnt out some circuits!

I’m sitting here, knowing that I have to start catching up on normal life. I’m aware that I have a huge list of things to do, but really I just want to collapse on the sofa with a cuppa and the TV. And that desire is winning.

The problem is of course, with kids factoring into the equation, I can’t just opt out for the day!

The packed lunches won’t make themselves, the laundry certainly won’t magically clean and fold itself. And, those books that are due back at the library today won’t get there on their own.

It’s one of the truths of parenting that there are no days off. This is both wonderful and terrifying. Especially on days where I’m not entirely convinced I’m up to looking after myself, let alone three children…

And, is it just me, or is there a real sense of anti-climax when you’ve had a particularly busy time?Especially if you’ve organized an event of some kind. The day after feels rather flat.

But, I need to give myself a kick. Shake it off and get on with my day.

No more procrastinating.

Let this blog post be the metaphorical kick that sees me tackle that to-list, plan the rest of our week and stop faffing.

Just let me have this cup of tea first.

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13 thoughts on “On the calm after the storm”

  1. Sounds insanely busy my lovely, and after that level of chaos a bit of down time is very much needed, but sometimes hard to stand still and achieve. Like I can talk right?! Hope you enjoyed that cup of tea ;-) xx

    1. It really has been, but it’s the same every year, three weeks of madness! Starting to feel a bit less frazzled now :)

  2. Yes! You’ve described this perfectly. I UNDERSTAND YOU! Sometimes I think this is why I have a problem with over-committing myself to things. My husband doesn’t get it, all he sees is that i’m stressed out and running in a million directions and he always asks me why I do it. Honestly I think, just as you described, the calm after the storm is just too exhausting to deal with. It’s stressful to NOT have something to stress over. Isn’t that just peachy. Great post. Hope it gives me a kick too ;) #thetruthabout

    1. You know, I think you may have something there! I do find it hard to not be busy, but then I also sometimes hit a completely overwhelmed point and grind to a halt! My body/brains way of saying enough, I think!

  3. Reading this and also seeing your updates on social media about your son’s birthday, plus JJ saying something about helping out with EJ’s birthday plans today in the car make me suddenly realise that I might actually have to plan something! It’s not til the end of July mind you but I just don’t feel like I’m in a position to put all of that time and effort that you describe (and I know of myself from previous years!) this time round. I hope this blog post did the trick and you managed to shake the faff off! X #thetruthabout

    1. Most of the faff got shaken off, but it’s not been the most productive of weeks! I consoled myself with the fact that this is the last big party I needed to do for the 7yo, the parties tail off in 2nd Grade to best friends only :) I’m just bracing myself to start it all again with the wee girl!

    1. It’s a tough one, but it really is so important to remember ourselves sometimes. Can’t be there for anyone if we’re burnt out xx

  4. I don’t think I remember what the calm feels like anymore – it just seems like one thing after another these days! We do, however, have birthday season around here and that’s always the most stressful time of year: 3 kids’ birthdays within 48 days of each other, and once this baby comes it will be 4 kids. (Mine is also in there, but I don’t have to plan a party for that so I’m not counting it!)

    1. Birthday season is stressful, it’s all so important for the kids and we need to get it right. I find it tough with two, exactly two weeks apart. Can’t imagine four running back to back!

  5. … I do hope you managed a biscuit or two with that cuppa Sara!… And I do hope you managed to reconnect because yes, it can be one heck of a rollercoaster ride. Not sure how you manage it with 3! #Truthabout

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