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Finding headphones that fit a child is tricky! Earbuds fall out and over-ear headphones slip.

With three kids, who invariably all want to be playing/watching something different, headphones come in handy! So, when CozyPhones offered us a pair of their fleece headband-style headphones to try out we jumped at the chance.

We’ve been using them over the last few weeks and my daughter loves them.

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They fit her perfectly (she’s four) and they are super comfortable. They stay in place, with no slipping and they don’t press on her ears or irritate her. They’re great to use around the house or when we’re travelling.

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The fleece is wonderfully soft, and she loves the bright green frog design. The frog also comes in purple, or you could choose a cute monster, a panda or a yellow smiley face.

You can adjust the position of the flat slimline speakers so that they sit perfectly over the ears, and this is really easy to do. And, the headband is washable! An absolute must with kids :) Simply remove the speakers and pop the headband in the washing machine.

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CozyPhones is a small, US family owned business that started by designing sleeping headphones (what a great idea!) before designing the kids headband headphones. You can buy CozyPhones direct from their website, or from Amazon.

My daughter is certainly very comfortable using hers, and they’ve been given a big thumbs up in our house!

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**We were sent a pair of CozyPhones headphones free of charge for the purposes of review, but all opinions, thoughts and words are our own.**




5 thoughts on “Review: CozyPhones Headphones”

  1. Wow these headphones really look adorable and thanks for sharing exact images of them I thought the will have to plug something in the ear.
    Looks super trendy I will definitely pick them soon.

  2. We got our cozyphones a few days ago and my kids love them. They wear them to watch movies on the ipad but I often catch them with them unplugged: I believe they just like their look so much! They have a fox and a smiley face. I am glad this review made my found your blog: I am an expat mum too (Italian in Ireland), and I am always interested in other people’s experiences abroad.

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      They are brilliant aren’t they? Since reviewing them I have bought them as gifts!! Thank you for commenting and glad you found me :)

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