Reflections: Week 1

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When I started writing this blog, it was as a journal of our time here in the US. A record of our experiences, during what was to be a two year adventure. Four and a half years later, we’re still here and this blog has evolved into something quite different.


I miss the diary aspect. I miss recording the small moments alongside the significant. I miss telling our story: sharing the happy, sad, frustrating, stressful, beautiful, exciting moments that make up this life of ours.

So, I’ve decided to do my Project 365 a little differently this year. I will be sharing daily photos on Instagram, and I would absolutely love if you would follow my journey there. You can see days one to seven over there now *hint hint* :)

I will then share my favourite (or favourites!) of the week here, and allow myself a moment of reflection; in the time it would normally have taken me to choose and edit my seven 365 photos!

I hope this is okay with my fellow 365’ers! I’ve loved taking part in this project for the last three years, and as I commented in this years round up post, these daily photos are such a wonderful record of our year. Each one a moment and a memory. And looking back at the end of the year is really quite special.

And, I would miss seeing what everyone else is up to!

I bid farewell to 2016 with some enthusiasm. It will not go down as one my favourite years, and I am very much looking forward to 2017. I am determined that it is going to be a good one.

It has certainly started well, with a beautiful walk along our favourite beach on New Year’s Day. It was a glorious day. A huge blue sky day, crisp and fresh and just what we all needed to start the year. As I walked along the beach chatting to the kids and watching them embrace the cold sea air with their usual infectious enthusiasm, I breathed it all in. And it felt good.

The week is now ending with our first real snow storm of the year. Cue more excitement and bouncing from the kids! I’m just glad to be indoors right now, watching the snow fall. Having got back from the 7yo’s basketball game at lunchtime and been unable to get the car up the driveway *ahem* I’m glad I don’t have to go out again just yet!

Tomorrow will be soon enough.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and fabulous things for 2017.

[Regular readers will know that I have been thinking a lot about what this blog is going to look like this year. I blogged a lot less last year, slowing down and refocusing. One decision was to do fewer individual photography projects, and to that end my 365 image will also be my Sunday Photo.]

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21 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 1”

  1. We had snow too on New Year, not as much as you but it settled for a couple of days :) I think you should do your blog however you like! I’m going to follow you on Instagram :) The beach looks lovely, perfect to start the new year off!

  2. A nice think to do to blow the cobwebs away during the holidays.
    I hope this format works for you and a great idea to link the 2 together.
    Look forward to seeing any tweeks in your blog this year. Think we all reflect at a time of change, I know I have this week as well.

  3. Love this approach. Ive done a lot of thinking about my blog too and I got rid of things like Siler Sunday as it wasn’t really getting across what I wanted it to each week. Hope you had a lovely new year and Hristmad xmas x

  4. happy 2017 and i love the format you’ve chosen to showcase them, will have to make sure i’m following you on instagram, i do a My Sunday Photo also as a blog post of my favourite pic of the week or just something random that’s taken my fancy

  5. What a lovely picture to start the year off, I am the opposite and have decided to add more photos this year, and hopefully get further than March! Loving all those snow pics on instagram, slightly jealous!

  6. You do it how ever you want!! I’ve been breaking the ‘rules’ for a while now!
    The New Year gives us all a chance to evaluate what and how we do this blogging lark.
    I follow you over on IG and seen your snowy pics!

  7. happy new year :)
    I love your new take on project 365 – I should have thought of that! I was weighing up whether our not to continue, as I am sure you read, as it is hard taking pics every day that are relevant to this project, so I love your idea. I am not sure if I follow you on IG, I will check in a mo.
    Great way to start the new year – a walk along the beach to blow away the 2016 cobwebs! x

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