Reflections: Week 7

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I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the snow this week. Sunday saw another storm deliver a foot of the white stuff, knocking out our internet connection in the process. The wet, heavy snow took out a huge tree branch, which in turn took out our incoming cable.

Then, Monday saw our third snow day.

No school and NO INTERNET!!

We survived (thank goodness for my phone and DVDs!), and I have to give a shout out to Verizon who sorted out a new cable from the street to our incoming panel, and got us up and running again on Tuesday morning. *whew*

With my husband away on business all week, any shoveling required fell to me. So I spent the first part of the week hoping there would be no more snow (I could barely move my arms by the end of Monday)… Sadly, it snowed overnight on Wednesday, and 6.30 Thursday morning saw me shoveling the driveway so that we could get to school!

I fell out of love with the snow in a big way towards the end of the week, but after a deep breath I reminded myself how much the kids love it and how beautiful it can be. Especially when the sun shines.


A big melt is setting in now, so the kids are making the most of their time left with the snow. Who knows if we’ll get anymore this season, but at least we’ve done quite well so far!

The snow can be inconvenient. In a BIG way. But, it feels like proper winter. January with its mild weather and rain just wasn’t right. I’d have been quite sad if we hadn’t seen any decent snow.

Having said that, we’ve had our fair share now!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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32 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 7”

  1. Sorry that you’ve had a bit of a tough week, but I bet your arms are looking good, I can’t believe you got your Internet reconnected so very fast, and that snow on the tree I mistook for blossom! Roll on Spring!

  2. Gorgeous photo with he blobs of snow. I do think you are lucky with your hot summers and snowy winters, though I would loose interest in the snow once the internet was down!

  3. Hi Sara, sounds like you’ve had enough now and who could blame you, we don’t realise how much we use the internet until it’s not working! I love your photo. It looks like blossoms of snow against a beautifully blue sky.


  4. I actually thought that was blossom from the thumbnail, couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m not a fan a snow, especially if it takes out the Internet. Glad it was sorted quickly :) #MySundayPhoto

  5. When I saw the thumbnail I wasn’t sure if that was blossom or snow! Reading your blog, I have to say Boston is considerably more snowy than I ever imagined! #MySundayPhoto

  6. That’s a lot to take on with no husband around. I remember a similar lonely week while we were in Germany, which after a number of irritating dilemmas ended with a child getting lice and having to manage that chaos auf Deutsch. Best of luck!

  7. I can just see how snow loses its appeal when it brings down the internet connection and requires hard work to clear it…but you’re right about winter not being quite proper without any. We have to go to the local ski resort to get our fix as it almost never snows where we live. Luckily that’s only 50 mins away and is where #mysundayphoto is taken today

  8. I definitely couldn’t hack the snow that you have. And shovelling our farm drive would be a nightmare (although expect the bucket on the telehandler could help with the job if it came to that. Glad you’re back to normal n the wifi now

  9. That sounds like a LOT of snow!! We are back in the UK now, and I must admit, despite all the past shovelling and falling over and everything that comes with it, I do miss the white stuff! :D #mysundayphoto

  10. i’ve always felt the same about snow, love it and can’t wait for it to come then within a day i’ve had enough of it. I love the photo of the snow on the tree, it looks really pretty

  11. I’ve never seen as much snow as you guys get. It really is a LOT and I actually live in a part of Lancashire that gets a lot. One year we went almost stir crazy after 4 days of sitting indoors. Thank goodness for the phone eh?

  12. Aw it sounds like you’ve had your fair share of snow – a little selfish really as we haven’t had any ;) The novelty does wear off after a while though. Lovely pic x #mysundayphoto

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