Reflections: Week 20

After the busyness of the last few weeks, it has been wonderful to have a somewhat slower week. And the weather has been AMAZING.

A mini-heatwave has meant lots of time outside, lots of sneaky ice-pops to cool us down and my husband enjoying the annual task of installing the (incredibly heavy) air-con units in the bedroom windows.

Mainly though, I feel like this week has been all about my little girl.

As we head into her final few weeks at preschool, we attended our last ever Open House celebration at her school on Wednesday. The teachers did a wonderful job with activities and fun for the kids, while us parents got a chance to revel in our children’s excitement as they planted seeds, made rain with shaving foam clouds and analysed a spoonful of honey, while showing off their artwork and writing folders.

I am so grateful for the fabulous two years that my daughter has spent with them and I’m so excited for her to start Kindergarten, she can’t wait, but I am having one of those moments where I realise just how fast it’s all going.

I couldn’t choose just one of the photos I took of my little girl this week, so I am sharing three.

GRIN: I asked her to smile! Ever the performer.

INDEPENDENT: On our way back from our last ever preschool open house *sob* this little girl strode off on our way home. Stopping at every driveway to look back, and road to wait for us. So grown up, independent and fearless. My big little girl.

THOUGHT: Gorgeous day on Thursday, in the 70s by the time I was dropping the kids to school, so we managed to squeeze in a sneaky trip to the park before preschool. This was a quiet moment in the midst of some furious bouncing!

Summer vacation is nearly upon us, and although I know there will be days when I will wish for them to be back at school (more than a few I suspect!), I actually can’t wait for the holidays to begin. I’m going to enjoy my time the three, we’re already starting to gather ideas for our annual bucket list, and make the most of every minute.

With this little girl especially, before she starts *big* school and grows up even more.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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13 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 20”

  1. I so totally get this, Lzzy, my youngest, starts school in September. While I look forward to only having the one school run to do each day (instead of the patchwork, pre-school run some mornings, school run every day) and having more time for myself…’s going to be a shock to the system. Those early years will eb well and truly through and I’m going to savour every moment we have together until then.

  2. She looks so happy, I remember this only too well and G is now coming to the end of his first year in school. I hope she enjoys the summer and is ready for those first big steps. It sounds like she is ready which I think is half the battle x #MySundayPhoto

  3. Gorgeous picture, she looks so much like you!! My middle child starts school in September and I tear up at the thought of it! #mysundayphoto

  4. It sounds like the weather has changed so quickly. It didn’t seem that long ago you were sharing snowy pics. hehehe
    Lovely photos. They grow up far too quickly don’t they x

  5. Nice when the school goes to such lengths for the parents to enjoy seeing their children in the school and how much they have learnt and grown.The time does fly by too fast.
    Curious – why do you not leave the air con units in the windows – do you not end up with a large hole where you take it from in the winter months?

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