Reflections: Week 33

So, this week hasn’t been quite the one we’d planned. A slip and a fall on Sunday led to a swimming ban for the 8yo.

As a treat, we took the kids to an indoor water park on Sunday. We had a fantastic time, the boys even got me to go on the slides with them. This is a big deal. I don’t do heights, speed or plunging into water. But *whispers* I kinda loved it, and the boys enjoyment watching me do it was more than worth it.

Still won’t do the enclosed, dark slides though. Claustrophobia anyone?

All was going so well. The wee girl was loving the pools and the kiddie slides, we’d had a lot of laughs, I’d even managed a sneaky half hour on a lounger outside in the sunshine with my book.

Then, my younger son slipped and missed his footing at the bottom of some stairs and landed chin first on a step. This resulted in a huge hole in his chin, a near-fainting episode for his mother, an early exit from the park and a trip to Urgent Care.

Stitches were avoided, just, because the gash was under his chin and the doctor agreed to use glue and strips instead. But, no swimming for the next week.

Silver lining, it happened a week before we head off on holiday to a house with a pool. But, it has made for a rather different week to the one we had planned.

We did make it to the beach one day though, and many holes were dug. It was lovely to watch my two youngest working together, as my daughter chose to help her brother rather than leave him on his own.


We’ve actually ended up having a lovely week, albeit a quiet one, and it was probably what we needed. What with back to school prep, the Kindergarten welcome event and Middle School tour, a bit of chill-out time was appreciated.

Can’t wait to get down to the Cape on Sunday for a few days of true relaxation though!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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8 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 33”

  1. Oh dear oh dear that sounds like a horrid slip. My boy has fallen nearly every time wego to this one particular huge water park that I think pool shoes might be a good investment! Enjoy your holiday next week. #365

  2. Hope the gash is healing ok, it sounded like an nasty one but lucky he got away with glue. We still have just over two weeks of holidays left but can’t believe how quickly it’s flying by!

  3. That sounds like a nasty accident! Glad he was OK.
    Funnily enough, we went to a pool with slides today. I’m claustrophobic, but I do enjoy the tube slides (I have to have a quick word with myself before I get on them). My daughter totally refused to go on them, which was such a shame as I know she would have loved them.

  4. hope your son is healing nicely and isn’t left with a scar. my friend told me yesterday that her biggest fear is that heaven is a water park, she hates the places, so well done for over coming your fear of heights and joining in, personally i love them and go without kids now

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