Reflections: Week 34-36

What a busy few weeks! I haven’t had a minute to sit down and reflect, we’ve been too busy having fun and getting back into routine.

Three weeks ago we were enjoying our last full week of summer vacation. We took a trip to Cape Cod, which was just fabulous. Spent lots of time in the pool, watched the eclipse, visited museums, ate good food and relaxed. Bliss!

Then it was time to head back to school. This year was a big one for us. My eldest started at the Middle School and my youngest started Kindergarten. Rounding out the three, my younger son started third grade! My eldest is loving the change to secondary school, taking different classes and electives, the freedom of getting to and from school himself and making new friends. And, my little girl is LOVING being at school, at last! The middle one, well, he’s not hating it yet, so that’s a win!

The kids only had two days of school their first week (I know!) before the long Labor Day weekend. We extended our summer to the last possible moment by heading up to New Hampshire for the four day break with friends, which was wonderful. A lot of laughs!

Then it was back into the full school routine. Sports have started, activities are adding up and we’re back to it. But, before it all got crazy, a group of mums headed out for a last beach day. With no kids. It felt very decadent, and absolutely wonderful.

And now, we’re fully back into routine, with all the craziness that brings. Soccer, swimming, dance, homework, play dates… Is it too soon to start counting down to next summer?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely few weeks. Head over to my Instagram feed to see the rest of this week’s 365 photos…

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6 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 34-36”

  1. Lovely photos. Even though you’re thousands of miles away, this all sounds very familiar! I’ve got two kids who have started on the next stage of their education journey (secondary school and 6th form), while the middle on is just plodding along. And we have dance lessons, football, rugby, Scouts, Explorers etc etc.

  2. We are back in the routine too. Your summer sounds fab and I bet the eclipse was great. We had an eclipse years ago and nothing changed. Was such a disappointment lol. X

  3. Summer seems like a thing of the past now. We loved the carefree days too. Now its back to routine and I’m already looking forward to half term. How lovely to have been able to watch the eclipse.

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