#CountryKids – a walk in the woods

At last spring has arrived! As has Spring Break and the boys have had a week off school. For the first time I have several different outings that I could link to Country Kids!

My favourite outdoor fun this week though was a trip to Middlesex Fells, a reservation not far from us. We are so lucky with the number of wonderful parks, woodlands and lakes that are within 10/15 minutes of our house!

We’d had a look online and there a few trails that you can do here, one of which is about a mile long, perfect for the boys. We arrived and parked (in what looked like someone’s driveway, but was sign posted as visitors car parking!) and got the wee girl into the rucksack. It was her first time in it, and she loved it! A much better view from up there!

It was a lovely day and walking through the woods in the sun was beautiful.
As we walked along the river there were lots of ‘bridges’ for us to cross!

This trail takes in a ruined mill, but before we reached that we passed the small waterfall and bridges leading up to it. And of course we had to play a quick game of pooh sticks!

And then we reached what remains of the mill. I think the boys were a little disappointed in the ruin!

There were some tricky spots to negotiate, some fallen trees to climb over and sticks to play with.

Then there was the fateful tree that proved the undoing of our fearless 4yo. These photos capture the moments just before he fell off… We had a small moment of panic as he landed quite heavily on his shoulder and we did think he might have dislocated it, but thankfully it was just a nasty bump!

We were on the home straight at the point, so we headed back to the car!

It was a lovely afternoon wandering in the woods. As the 6yo said: ‘It’s really peaceful and beautiful, I like it here.’. I imagine we will be back often over the summer.

I’m linking up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids again this week. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

18 thoughts on “#CountryKids – a walk in the woods

    1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

      The boys were in heaven, climbing and playing. I thought the same about the ravine when I read your post – and my two are desperate to get out and do some proper camping, so glad the weather is picking up!

    1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

      Ah, well… You didn’t see the 6yo’s cheeks after a trip to the park later in the week… I felt terrible too :( Spring days where it suddenly brightens up are tricky! The shade on the rucksack is perfect tho – I would spend all my time trying to keep her covered otherwise!

  1. Nichola fabfortymum

    The pictures are fabulous and it looks and sounds like the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I agree with your 6 year old that it looks peaceful and beautiful. I bet it’s stunning in summer.


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