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My planned messy play activity for this week was to try making some edible finger paint so that I could let the wee girl loose without worrying about her putting the paint straight in her mouth!

Edible Finger Paint: quick and easy, 3 ingredient recipe for edible finger paint

I found several different recipes online, and in the end went for the cornstarch and water, with food colouring, option. I found a couple of different recipes for this, one with gelatin – which I found on the hands on : as we grow blog and one without (but with sugar) on the Laughing Kids Learn blog. As a vegetarian, I decided to try the ‘without’ recipe first, but I didn’t bother with sugar this time – while I don’t mind if the wee girl eats it, I don’t actually want it to taste like a pudding :)

I also found suggestions for using plain flour & water, yogurt or vanilla pudding mixes with added food colouring. I’m going to try some of the different recipes and see which one works the best… And I’ll let you know how I get on with each of them!

So, for this weeks effort the recipe I started from used 1/2 cup of cornstarch and about 2&3/4 cups of water. I think I may have been a bit heavy handed with the corn starch though, and I ended up adding quite a bit more water!

Mix the cornstarch and water over a medium heat, stirring continuously until it boils and thickens. I failed on the ‘continuously’ thing (can’t remember if this was because I was stopping the wee girl from pulling out every baby wipe from the packet, or to rescue her from under the sofa…?!) so although it was looking quite smooth at one point, it ended up with a consistency more like wall paper paste…! Once it had cooled a bit I transferred it to some tubs and then added a drop of food colouring to each tub.

Edible finger paint - preparation

It’s a bit thicker than I’d hoped, and definitely lumpier – but as this is all about sensory experiences and not ‘art’ – I’ll live with that! Next time, I’ll pay more attention to the amounts and the stirring :)

And, although these were primarily for the wee girl to try out, the 4yo couldn’t resist having a go while she napped!

Edible finger paint - painting



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