Mess: water and bubble fun in the tuff spot

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It’s been a lovely week, apart from a spectacular thunderstorm yesterday, and today was beautiful. I wanted to make sure I got the kids outside in the afternoon, once the 6yo was home from school. I knew that the chance to play in the tuff spot would do it! The 4yo had asked me several times over the course of the morning when we could get messy :)

I set up the tuff spot, filled it with water and bubble bath and then added some food colouring to the bubbles and then invited the kids to come and see what I’d been up to. They were thrilled. Here’s how we got on with this simple, quick to set up, activity.

Messy Play - Water and Bubble Fun in the Tuff Spot

I’d pulled out some sand toys (scoops, shapes and a watering can) for them to play with too. As always, the 4yo was straight in there! He splashed and flicked the bubbles. Scooped the water and filled the containers. He loved it. For the next time I will buy different bubble bath though, as I think I could get better bubbles, I used our Johnson’s top to toe wash equivalent, and it wasn’t quite as ‘bubbly’ as I’d hoped!
Water and bubble fun 1
Water and bubble fun 2
The wee girl was happy to stay on the edges without getting in. To be fair, I had used water from the outside tap, so it will have been a little chilly! She ‘spooned’ out water and played with the bubbles outside the tuff spot.

Water and bubble fun 3
As generally happens, she became gradually more confident and more animated, finally splashing madly and sending water and bubbles flying!

Water and bubble fun 4
The 6yo, who had been playing on the periphery – mainly trying to water plants with soapy water, ahem! – decided that it would be fun to style the wee girls hair… She was less than impressed! But it did look quite funny when he’d finished :)

Water and bubble fun 5
Then it was time to clean up – we emptied the tuff spot out, letting the water flow over the wee girl – she wasn’t too sure what make of that, but was still interested in following the bubbles. The boys chased the water down the drive.

Water and bubble fun 6
A great activity for a warm sunny afternoon. Much giggling, chasing, bubbles and splashing!

I’m linking up with Jennie at Edpsire for the wonderful Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, click on the badge below to have a look at some of the other great posts – and perhaps get some inspiration!

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