Mess: Mark Making

The theme for this weeks Messy Play for Matilda Mae is mark making.

I wanted to find an activity that the 6yo would join in with too. It’s trickier to find something that will hold his attention.

When we were at the Children’s museum last weekend the boys had spent ages in the Art Room playing with clay – the activity was to investigate textures. The 4yo rolled out his clay and tried all the different tools to make marks and patterns.
Mark Making 1
The 6yo made a pot… But he did put a smiley face on the lid!
Mark Making 2

So, today I decided to roll out some cookie dough and let them ‘draw’ on it. I gave some of our (less used!) play dough tools a good wash and let them create a huge cookie each!
Mark Making 3
The 6yo made an underwater scene with seaweed and a fish!
Mark Making 4

I popped the finished cookies in the oven for them to decorate later. I wasn’t sure how well the marks would survive cooking, but the second half of the activity was to use icing so that didn’t really matter too much.
Mark Making 5

While the cookies were baking I set up some messier play for the 4yo. I put out some frosting and come cookie icing on a baking tray and let him use his fingers and sticks to make swirls and lines and encouraged him to practice some letters. The good thing with the cookie icing was that, while the icing was still ‘wet’, the marks faded and he was able to do more. The big hit was being able to kick his fingers though :)
Mark Making 6

Then it was time to decorate. The 6yo very carefully iced over his marks, creating his seaweed and fish.
Mark Making 7
The 4yo had a great time dolloping icing fairly randomly – although the big blue blob is a man on his horse…!
Mark Making 8

I was really glad to find something that both boys enjoyed this time. I need to spend a bit of time researching and planning some activities for the 6yo (who turns 7 in a couple of weeks). The 4yo loves messy play so much, I’d like it if his big brother could have some fun too.

I’m linking up with Jennie at Edpsire for the wonderful Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, click on the badge below to have a look at some of the other great posts – and perhaps get some inspiration!

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