Mess: gloop!

One rainy morning last week the 4yo asked to do some messy play.

So, we made gloop.

Inspired by Susanne at Ghostwritermummy we mixed corn starch and water, to a gloopy consistency (fairly runny, think yogurt!), and added food colouring.

The 4yo got stuck straight in.

I gave him tubs, spoons and cars to play with.

He poured it, he made tracks with it, he rolled it in his hands, he spooned it.

He pushed his hands into the bowls.

Gloop is cool. It’s acts like a solid and liquid. Apply pressure and it’s solid, let go and it runs through your fingers. You can find a good explanation here (courtesy of Susanne and her googling skills)!

He painted his feet (as always!), he made marks, he watched the marks disappear.

He made a mess!

When he was done, I put him in the shower and I popped the remaining runny gloop in to tubs and allowed it to go solid. I left the smeared gloop in the tuff spot to dry.

The next day the 7yo realised that he could turn the dried gloop into powder.

After scraping all the gloop, then sweeping, gathering and making patterns in the powder the boys added water, changing the play again.

They stirred and swirled.

They spooned the solid gloop into the water and mixed it in. They were intrigued to see what colour the water would go. Would the green, blue or pink win!

Green won! But it was too pale.

‘Can we have food colouring please mummy?!’

A few drops later and there was more mixing and swirling. They loved that they could still make patterns in the remains of the powder under the water.

Three messy play activities for the price of one batch of gloop!

Two curious, engaged and happy boys :)

I’m linking up with Jennie at Edpsire for the wonderful Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, click on the badge below to have a look at some of the other great posts – and perhaps get some inspiration!

Edspire Messy Play

6 thoughts on “Mess: gloop!”

  1. sandinmytoestk

    Looks like so much fun! I’m always looking for ideas to keep my little one busy and this would work out just fine! #PoCoLo

  2. Wonderful x We have not yet tried Gloop it is definitely on my rainy day to do list! Thank you x And thank you so much for linking up with Messy Play for Matilda Mae x

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