How does your garden grow?

Back at the beginning of May the boys and I planted some seeds and flowers.

We don’t have a huge garden, and we share it with our neighbour, so I wanted to give the boys some plants that were their own, to take care of and enjoy.

The 4yo likes to water them.

The 7yo is very possessive of his cucumbers.

I’m pleased to say that most of the seeds have grown well. So well in fact, that last weekend I had to transplant some!

I was dreading this. I am not green fingered. I was a little concerned that my efforts would result in dead plants.

The first to be moved were the Vincas. They hadn’t done well in the tub. I’m hoping they’ll do better under the tree.

The petunias and morning glory are doing really well. Only a few sweet peas have appeared, I’m going to plant some more seeds, where they have something to grow against. I adore sweet peas, so I want to have another go.

The peas and the lettuce (don’t ask me what kind of lettuce ‘leaves’ – my neighbour planted these!) had wrapped themselves around each other and the cucumber seems to be taking over the world.

I separated the peas and moved (and staked) them, along with the basil, and the two (rather sad) watermelon shoots.

Not that I quite know what I would do if the watermelon did well. They’re rather large. Easier to buy them at the supermarket :)

They all seem to have survived the move, so far. We’ve had plenty of rain, so I suspect that’s helping!

Over the last few weeks I have really enjoyed reading ‘How does your garden grow?’ posts.

Posts from people who know the names of plants just by looking at them. Who know when and how to move/prune/plant!

I’m hoping that I can learn something from them. At the very least, I hope that their enthusiasm for gardening continues to inspire me.

So, I am linking up with the wonderful Mammasaurus this week for her ‘How does your garden grow?’ linky. Click on the badge and be inspired.

10 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. Oh wow Sara, I’ve never seen pink Vinca before, I have the boring common as muck purple ones, but the pink is fabulous. Your veggies are doing really well. I think you’re much more green fingered than you give yourself credit for. I bet the boys are loving seeing their gardening efforts take shape xx

    1. See – I didn’t know that Vinca were normally purple :) But, thank you – I’m pleased that everything is surviving so far! It’s been lovely to watch all the seeds grow. The boys are very pleased with it all!

  2. Wow you’ve all done brilliantly! It must be amazing to see the fruit of your labours. We recently planted some seeds (as in me and POD) and we’re just starting to see something come through. Not quite sure what mind :)

  3. My 5yr old is the same – loves to make sure everything is well watered and cared for, I think gardening can give children so many nurturing skills for life. You’ve got a lovely selection growing too – I bet you can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of your labours!
    Thanks ever so much for joining in, I get inspired by the posts each week too – although I must admit if people didn’t tell me what the plants were I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea! x

    1. The boys are definitely taking care of their plants – it’s lovely to see. The 7yo can’t wait for the cucumbers to grow :) I’m glad it’s not just me that doesn’t know the names of everything!

  4. Looks like you’ve all done a brill job! It’s great sharing times outside with the little ones isn’t it? My daughter is also very protective of her sweet pea garden. Those petunias are stunning xx

    1. Thank you! It’s fun spending time watering and watching with the boys, they are engaged by it :) I’m very pleased with the petunias, they’ve done really well! Bit of a surprise really :)

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