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The theme from Tara for The Gallery this week is Into the Archives.

Just before I left the UK my Aunt gave me a wonderful set of old photos of her (my fathers) side of the family.

In a moment of ‘what if something happens to them’ my husband packed them in a suitcase at the last minute, so I am lucky enough to have them with me here in the US.

My grandfather – he passed away when I was about seven, but I have fond memories of him and his beloved cars and boat.

My grandparents wedding.

My grandmother, who I miss dearly.
I have such wonderful memories of my paternal grandparents.

Their beautiful house.

The monkey puzzle trees in their garden.

The pine tree that you could sit inside.

My grandmother driving far too fast; taking me ice skating after school; buying us cakes for tea.

Dinner always being late.

The smell of my grandfathers pipe.

The night a bat got into the house, and no one believed me.

My grandmothers fabulous meringues.

Stories… my grandmothers wonderful stories of her childhood, such a different time.

Sweet peas.

These memories are precious.
These moments are to be treasured.


17 thoughts on “The Gallery – Into the Archives”

  1. I really enjoy seeing photo’s like this. I too miss my Granny, her smiles, her unconditional love, her little hands, her cuddles. Oh I could go on, you’ve set me off now! Thank you for sharing such lovely memories.

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