A thought for the week – priorities

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.
George Santayana

I have been very quiet for the past week.

I have been enjoying my family.

My sister and her children came to visit.

We went to the park. We went to beach. We played in the garden. We visited the Aquarium and the zoo.

We blew bubbles and ran through sprinklers. Squirted water and giggled.

We did crafts and had treats. Ate cookies and ice cream. Had picnics and played games.

My sister and I had a child free day… Wandered through the Museum of Fine Art, drank tea, spoke in complete sentences, went to a bar! We enjoyed the heat wave, experienced 99F in central Boston, melted.

In the evenings the children fought sleep, tired and happy, too excited to allow the day to end. Cousins together; mischievous, cheeky, beautiful, full of life.

In the evenings the adults ate well, drank a little too much wine, talked and laughed. Sisters together; chatting, exclaiming, updating, supporting, putting the world to rights.

We shared a glass or two of fizz to celebrate our first year in the States.

We took almost no photos. I neglected my blog (and everyone else’s). Real life took over for a while – creating memories, providing inspiration, revitalising.


As it should be.

A priority. A reminder. A much needed dose of perspective.

Time is short, family is precious.

It is indeed a masterpiece.

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12 thoughts on “A thought for the week – priorities”

  1. A lovely post Sara. You are so right in getting those priorities straight. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely time. I’ve always wanted a sister for every reason you just listed. A warm happy post xx

  2. Oh Sara, I am so with you. I’m only getting all my comment replies done now, I have been totally caught up with my sister and the girls and isn’t it just fantastic to step back and enjoy and some lovely family time without worrying about anything else.

    I’m so delighted you got to enjoy time with your sister too, it’s just so special. I can feel myself getting all emotional about mine leaving, she’ll be gone by the weekend and I’m dreading it, but loving seeing her every day until then x

    1. I saw your post about your sister being over too – it is great, especially when you don’t get to see them very often. Despite now actually living on the same landmass, for the first time in years, it’s still been a year since we saw each other, and two years since I saw my niece and nephew. It was a lovely, lovely week!

      I had a few posts written in advance and scheduled, and I did nothing else, other than comment on a few things :) I am catching up on comment replies too, as we speak!

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