How does your garden grow?

Much like the UK, we have been basking in a heatwave over here.

With family visiting, the gardens main job over the last couple of weeks has been as a place for the children to cool down.

Running through sprinklers, playing at the water table, water fights and bubble battles galore!

Sadly, with temperatures hitting the high 90’s (in fact, I believe we briefly hit 100F in Boston last Friday!) some plants have not survived. Our peas did not make it :(

The cucumber plants however have flourished and we now have a few good sized cucumbers to show for our labours!

So, this weeks post is dedicated to our cucumbers:

The 7yo grew two of the plants from seeds planted at his schools Garden Club, and I have no idea as to variety, although my sister has suggested that they might be lemon cucumbers. The rest were planted from seeds that the boys picked on a trip to our local hardware store and are Straight Eights!

And if you’re wondering as to the wisdom of staking cucumber plants – it’s a temporary measure while we figure out how to keep the rabbits from getting them (and to stop them from wrapping themselves around other plants)! As they continue to grow and escape their tub, we will need to look at moving them somewhere else :)

My sons are so excited to see the cucumbers growing – and I have to admit, I am too!

I am linking up with the wonderful Mammasaurus again for her ‘How does your garden grow?’ linky – hosted this week by Helvetia Handmade. Click on the badge and be inspired.

20 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. We are growing cucumbers as well this year but ours don’t look anywhere near as healthy as yours do! What’s your secret?

  2. Wow, look at those cucumbers! They look very healthy, and I think it’s lovely how involved and excited your sons are about it all. Shame about your peas, but at least you’ll have cucumbers ;-)

  3. helvetiahandmade

    They look great! I have never had success with cucumbers but because of the amazing weather this year they should thrive. Look forward to seeing them grow. Shame about the peas though :(

  4. We must have flipped weather patterns. Usually it is hovering around 100 down here in the South, but we barely hit 82 today – and I think only above 90 a couple of days. Weird! Great plan of attack against the rabbits!

    1. Nope, no slugs! Which is a little odd, but I’ve seen one all summer – and that one didn’t survive the 4yo… Mummy, the slug has gone flat… And how did that happen? Maybe I forgot it was there and stood on it? Sadly, that conversation really happened!

  5. The cucumbers look so fab. I forgot to sow ours this year, and now I’ve read this I’m very annoyed with myself!! Lovely post and love the idea of running through sprinklers xx

  6. I’m going to lower the tone completely and say I laughed like a giddy teenager at that cucumber. You’ve posted a porn plant pic hehehe……. With my adult head back on, they are fantastic and how brilliant it will be when you can pick them and have them for dinner.

  7. I’m growing cucumbers for the first time this year and the plant has attached itself to a nearby cactus plant, so not sure how it’s all going to turn out. There could be tears ;)

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