Summer holidays: a watershed moment

Last night was a watershed moment.

We bought five meals in a restaurant!

Up until now the wee girl has had meals consisting of something I brought with us and ‘scraps’ from everyone else’s meals. Last night, all three kids had pizza and fries.

The wee girl’s tastes in food have been hugely influenced by her brothers. She objects in the strongest terms when we try to give her something different. From fruit to snacks to drinks to (her personal favourite) pizza – it has to be the same…

This means that the boys often have to make do with, in their eyes, ‘baby food’ – although mummy thinks of it more as ‘healthy snacks that a toddler won’t choke on’…!

But sometimes, like last night, we go the other way and allow the wee girl to join in with her brothers!

After an afternoon that hadn’t turned out quite as planned, we decided to make up for it and go out to a proper restaurant for dinner – hoping to find one that had something on the menu, not pizza, that the vegetarian in the party (me!) might be able to eat (a lunch earlier in the holiday had been a bit a tricky…!).

The restaurant that we had been thinking of was closed, so as we drove along I madly checked Google! Where would we be without our smart phones?! Just as we passed an Irish restaurant I found a great review that had been written just a couple of weeks ago.

So, with a ‘how bad can it be‘ we did a quick u-turn and headed in.

It was perfect! The decor was just brilliant – a bizarre collection of Irish and American memorabilia, paintings and ornaments – there was a fantastic atmosphere and, just as the reviews had said, great food and great service.

We had a lovely meal. And, as it turned out, three meals between the three kids was perfect! The wee girl ate about half of hers, the 4yo ate most of his and the 7yo got to finish them all!

Finding little gems like this is wonderful, the owner even came out to chat – when she heard my husbands accent! – and proudly showed us the signed photo of the Cork hurling team :) We’re now wondering if we can squeeze in another visit before our holiday is over!

4 thoughts on “Summer holidays: a watershed moment”

    1. Yeah, my husband and I had a little sigh :) The 7yo was pleased though, as he got to eat one and a half meals… He’s getting close to needing an adult meal :) All the milestones! I’d like to press pause sometimes x

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