Stormy skies

We’ve been lucky enough to have lovely weather over the summer. As a Scot more used to an annual outing for my flip flops than wearing them every day, it has been wonderful.

We have had our share of spectacular storms though.

Rain loud enough to wake me.

Thunder that shakes the house.

Hail storms and gales.

A lightening strike.

The skies though, the skies have been stunning.

Storm clouds gathering, impressive and oppressive, over New Mexico and Boston. Foretelling storms, spectacular and fearsome.

Lightening flashing across the sky, thunder following quickly after, torrential rainstorms – flash floods, fallen trees, battered plants.

Our first experience of a lightening strike. Yards from my sisters house. Explosive and electric. A flash, a fireball. Frightened children, leaping into adult arms – shaking, shocked. Adult calm, with nervous undertone of wow, that was close, thank goodness for the rain.

Witnessing the damage caused, from broken plants to washed out bridges; soggy lawns to landscapes forever altered by force of water.

Nature at its best and worst. Powerful, impressive, humbling.

I am linking up with the lovely Charly at Podcast for What’s the Story? Cheating slightly with three, rather than one, picture… To see other stories behind the picture, click on the badge below.

11 thoughts on “Stormy skies”

  1. Wow what impressive photos Sara (and don’t worry I had more than one last week!). I especially like the last one, it looks especially dramatic. It must be weird having a storm when you’re so used to it being sunny. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  2. You really have captured some angry sky shots. It really does remind you that no matter what us humans do we are always going to be at the mercy of our environment ;0)

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