Messy Play: glitter glue plane

The 4yo often asks if he can do an art activity when we get home from school.

He loves to paint and draw and colour in.

He is a big fan of glitter glue pens :)

He likes that they are squishy and sparkly and sticky.

He enjoys squeezing and spiralling and spreading.

This time he chose some blue craft paper and asked me to make him a paper plane.

He decorated the inside and the wings. We left it to dry for a little while, then he decorated the sides.

He used the pens, a paintbrush and his fingers! He made dots and spirals and shapes and finally smeared it all over the paper.

He used blue and gold and green glitter glue.

He was very proud of his plane (even if mummy’s paper plane making skills leave something to be desired!).

A very easy, quick, (relatively) mess free activity! The glitter glue is bright and fun and shiny. We use it for mark making as well as painting. We use it on it’s own or with paint, stickers or crayons to make pictures or decorate objects.

I do find smears of glitter in the strangest places though :)

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