Summer holidays: rainy day activities

The weather is hot and humid – the threat of a thunder storm never far away!

We were trapped inside by sudden downpours a couple of times last week, so out came the art supplies.

For the first time, the wee girl really joined in :)

She sat on a stool, just like her brothers. She drew with crayons, just like her brothers.

It was one of those perfect moments.

I can draw too
On another rainy morning, the 7yo asked to paint. He sat quietly for ages, completely absorbed.

Rainy day painting

No TV, no computer, no iPad or Kindle.

Just quiet concentration and creativity. Wonderful.

6 thoughts on “Summer holidays: rainy day activities”

  1. 29yearoldmama

    You’re so crafty with your children- you put me to shame! I never did anything like this when my two boys were at that age!

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