What’s the Story: first camping trip!

This photo was taken in April 2010 in Edinburgh. We had just bought a new tent and hubby had put it up in the garden.

Our oldest, who was not quite four, decided that he wanted to sleep in the tent overnight. He had played in it all afternoon, and was very taken with the idea.

He had never been camping and he thought it sounded like fun!

Bedtime approached and he packed his bag. Off he set with Daddy to the bottom of the garden, all set for a night under canvas. They took provisions, warm clothes and favourite toys. Cosy sleeping bags were waiting for them in the tent.

Time passed, and I began to think that maybe he would make it. That the lure of a warm, comfy bed inside the house wouldn’t prove too much for him.

It started to get dark. I expected to hear the back door opening.

Then it was properly dark.

And, a little voice said ‘hello mummy’…

He’d managed a few hours playing games and reading with Daddy.

But, the true pitch black of night, tucked away from streetlights, was too much and he decided that maybe he would try again another day :)

I hate to admit this, but we have yet to go camping as a family. When we bought this tent the 4yo has just turned one. But, the weather was never quite good enough to introduce them both to the joys of camping (and I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fair weather camper myself).

We worried: would they be warm enough, sleep well, enjoy themselves?

Just when we began to think they were both old enough and that we might manage it, the wee girl arrived and we moved to the States!

Some of my (and my husband’s) happiest memories over our years together – before kids! – are from camping holidays. We used to get away at the weekends as much as possible when we lived in London, to escape the city, and we visited some beautiful places. My husband proposed at one of our favourite campsites, near Cambridge :)

We shipped one of our tents over with us, but this summer was so full of activities that a weekend away camping fell off the list of ‘must do’s’. And again, we had our excuses: we wondered whether the wee girl was old enough; would she sleep or keep us and the whole campsite awake; would the boys cope or would they get bored, disconnected from their devices (this is probably a small issue for me too!); would the pitch black of night be too much for them?

Come next spring, the children will be two, five and almost eight and family camping trips will be high on our list of must do’s, they will not fall off the bottom again – no more excuses!

I am already looking forward to the magical moments we will have, creating family memories to add to our happiest moments list. Memories of the simple pleasures, uninterrupted quality time, calmness and peace of camping.

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29 thoughts on “What’s the Story: first camping trip!”

  1. That’s one of the best things about reminiscing – that it encourages us to do the things that slip from our lists in our busy lives. Sounds as though camping is very special and look forward to reading about you doing it with the children! xx

  2. I must say I love camping but in warmer climes – so when the boys decide that they want to camp in the garden – I am happy for them to do it as long as I get my nice warm comfy (dry!) bed

  3. Such a great photo Sara, I love it. It does look like they’re taking it very seriously as well especially with their backpacks. I’m sure camping over there will be amazing especially next year when the kids are older. A superb story, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  4. My husband is taking our son camping for the first time this weekend as part of the Boy Scouts. He’s really not looking forward to it – England in October probably will be cold and damp. Apparently Saturday is forecasted for rain. You should have better weather choices camping in the U.S.

  5. Hope you make it camping next year. I don’t even camp, but my husband takes the kids for a night a year and the boys do Cub and Scout camps.

  6. awww this is fantastic, i am surprised he did do long i would of only lasted an hour tops!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    P.s I hope you get to go on the trip next year x

  7. So cute! We took our son when he was 3 and although he had a wail of a time it was hard work and we never seem to get decent weather either which really puts me off! If you do get chance to go soon I bet your children would love it, it will be you that is stressing!!

  8. What a lovely photo and story! You will have to take them camping soon, the state parks in the US are amazing often including information, children’s packs and ranger talks – they’ll love it! xx

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  10. that pic is so cute, i would love to go camping with my lovelys. Im not sure i could do a tent but my mum has an rv, think its gonna happen next year for sure. Roasting marshmallows round campfire seems dreamy**

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