Autumn activities: apple picking

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Last weekend we finally made it apple picking! The world and his wife seems to have been in the last few weeks, and speaking to friends it is a must do, family tradition.

There are several farms near us that allow you to pick your own, and also have farm shops, a few animals for the kids, hayrides etc. We chose to go to Cider Hill Farm which had been recommended by a friend, as being their favourite. A little quieter and smaller than some – but good apple picking and fabulous cider donuts!

When we arrived we collected our official apple collecting bags and set off. We were told that the picking was better in Block 5, but all the activities for the kids were on the way to Blocks 1-4, so we headed in that direction :)

We collected a cart for the kids on the way, they wanted to ride!

After a short walk/ride we found ourselves at the queue for the hayride which would take us to the top of the apple orchards. We hopped on for what proved to be a very bumpy ride! Despite being warned, the 7yo was heard to utter (in a very 7yo way) ‘can’t be that bumpy’… When we got off the driver asked him if it had been bumpy enough, he sheepishly said that it had!

Then, the apple picking began! They had given us a list of what apples were in each Block and row, with a description of each type, so that we could choose which to pick! Ha! Try doing that when a 4yo and a 7yo are in charge of the picking :)

I believe we got a mix of Red Delicious, Macoun, Pioneer Mac, Gala and Cortland. But I really couldn’t be sure and as they all got popped into the bags together, I haven’t the foggiest what is what! Suffice to say that we have 15lbs of apples that I need to find a use for…

After our bags were full and the 7yo couldn’t lift anymore, and the 4yo had given his bag to daddy (!) we started to head back to the farm. On the way we ventured into the corn and the boys picked a few cobs (although we later discovered that this was ‘cattle corn’!).

The farm had chickens, and a few goats and sheep, that the kids could feed, so we stopped off there after paying for our apples (all 15lbs of them!). The boys loved feeding the chickens, and the wee girl did her best to join in too :) And of course, they all had to try the tyre horses!

Our last stop was for hotdogs, hot apple cider (Note: apple cider in this case is cloudy apple juice!) and cider donuts.

I couldn’t leave without popping into the farm shop – which was lovely, but with queues practically out the door – and taking some photos of the pumpkins!

We had a really wonderful day, the boys loved picking apples! I suspect that come the summer we’ll be heading back to pick our own strawberries and blueberries :) Another new experience for us all, and one that we will definitely do again.

As for the cider donuts… Absolutely delicious!

I am linking up with the wonderful Coombe Mill’s Country Kids as usual :) Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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35 thoughts on “Autumn activities: apple picking”

  1. aaaaahhh Sara, you’ve done it again, you have me swooning over New England. What a fantastic day out, I would have loved to do that. The apples look fabulous all 15lb of them – there might be a few pies in your house now. I love the pictures of the the 3 of them on the brilliant tyre horses and your wee 4 year old amongst the pumpkins is awesome, look at that huge smile on his face. As for the pumpkins, well they are just fabulous x

  2. My three would love the pull along cart. I had images of you pulling it back loaded to the brim with apples. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of uses for the apples. I do love pick-your-own farms. Nice way to try some different varieties of apples…although I guess it might be difficult to tell which is which now. My brother once came home with cattle corn and tried boiling it for ages. Not recommended! Pumpkin picking next.

    1. Yeah, I really lost track after we hit the third row of apples!
      The pull along carts were being used for hauling HUGE pumpkins as well as apples and children :)
      The corn will remain decorative for the moment!

  3. We are going pumpkin picking tomorrow, we were at a farm today but they had cut all the foliage from the pumpkins and I much prefer the idea of wading through the foliage like last year so we will go to a different patch tomorrow.
    We picked raspberries, blueberries huckleberries and strawberries this summer, I love that the kids get to see where it all comes from and how easy picking farms are.

    1. We just never got round to picking fruit this summer, there was so much going on – next year we will definitely be there!
      We already have quite a few pumpkins – school pumpkin festival! – but I quite fancy the idea of a proper pumpkin patch :)
      I love seeing the kids getting stuck into things like this – it’s such good outdoor (and educational) experience for them.

  4. That looks like such fun! I haven’t taken my children apple picking yet as we have a small tree in our garden from which we pick our own but going to a big farm would be good I think. I love the rows of pumpkins and the smiles xx

  5. Such a fun family day out with an impressive apple haul! Gorgeous colourful pictures of all the family and the lovely fruit and veg on offer. I love the idea of the hay ride and the carts to pull the children along in. Thanks for linking up and sharing your family fun outdoors with Country Kids.

  6. What a lovely day! And all those pumpkins, amazing! But tell me, what is the difference between corn, and cattle corn?

  7. aha! now i know what the cart was for (following on from your Gallery post)! wow this looks like a lot of fun and it is always great for children to learn and see where things they eat come from. and look at those pumpkins – wow! what a fun day and some lovely photos too x

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  9. I would love to be able to do stuff like this but I’m not sure they do it near us. It looks like you all had a great time, looking forward to seeing what you do with all of those apples ;0)

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