Song time…

I took the 4yo and the wee girl to our local monthly Kids Club last week.

I hadn’t been for a while, and I hadn’t seen this particular entertainer before.

It was a song time session, and while lots of the kids sat wonderfully at the front singing along, doing the actions and listening well, my two ran laps of the hall…

To be honest, the main aim of taking them was to tire them out a bit, so this was fine with me! I only cringed a little when the performer asked the children to sit quietly for a quiet song and all that was heard was the wee girl screeching in excitement as she chased her brother :)

This was my view for most of the hour:

When she wasn’t trying to escape out of the one of the two sets of doors…

Or climb on the chairs… Or just have a little rest…

Or swing on the handrails!

It was a lovely session of songs, but it did not engage my two at all! The 4yo stopped and sang to a couple of songs and the wee girl did some very cute actions to The Wheels on the Bus when she (stood still for a second and) realised she knew it!

It was all simply too quiet and too restrained.

But, you know what, the wee girl went down for her nap wonderfully and the 4yo had some quiet time after lunch.

All was peaceful and all was calm. I had tea. And a biscuit.

It had served its purpose :)

7 thoughts on “Song time…”

  1. Boo was always like this when we went to any classes – other kids watched, she ran laps! Was hoping to have a calmer one second time round, but early indications are that Little Man may be worse…! You did get your biscuit, though ;)

    1. I did indeed, eventually :) She is great in her music class, because it’s a small room – she can only run so far! And there are lots of instruments and noise. This was all way too quiet for her! But, hey, it tired her out :)

  2. Hi

    I’ve come across your blog, and it’s making me rather nostalgic! I moved from Scotland to the US, with two sons and a daughter. That was in 2006. We made it back over the Atlantic in the summer of 2012. Quite an adventure.

    I’ve been browsing your blog, and it feels very familiar territory! The same, but different, language. The various holidays. The lack of a nativity play (and yes, why didn’t Joseph and Mary just use their laptop and book ahead?)

    Looking forward to reading more!

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