Crazy hair day!

Today was Crazy Hair Day at the 7yo’s school!

This took me completely by surprise last year! In the end all I managed to do was gel my sons hair into lots of spikes, which I thought looked pretty cute, but not especially crazy!

This year, having found out yesterday (!), I didn’t have a lot of time to get creative. But, as I now have lots of hair elastics for the wee girl, my options were a bit better than last year :)

Method: many little bunches, enhanced with some green hair spray left over from Sports Day earlier in the year…

Result: one very happy boy with pretty crazy hair!

Drop off at school today was hilarious, there were some very creative hairstyles :) Lots of coloured hairspray used, lots of spikes and Mohicans. One kindergartener had bugs in his hair, his big sister’s hair had become trees – hair rollers standing upright inside bunches to create ‘trunks’, sprayed black, with the tops of the bunches back combed in to ‘branches’ and sprayed yellow, orange and red for Fall…! Brilliant :)

The playground was buzzing this morning, so much fun!

Have your kids ever had Crazy Hair Day at school?!

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