Mess: tuff spot painting

My 4yo remains as keen on messy play as he has always been. Last week he asked if we could get the tuff spot out.

I have to admit it hadn’t been used for awhile – life has been busy!

We didn’t have a lot of time before we needed to go and collect his brother from school, so I needed to come up with something quick, easy and not too messy!

So, I put some big pools of paint, some cars and some paper into the tuff spot – and left him to it!

I then added some play doh tools and some paint brushes to encourage some mark making.

I left it all set up while we went to pick up the 7yo from school. When we got back the wee girl started to investigate and was very keen on plonking the cars into paint and then running them around!

This was a nice quick activity – quick to set up, and on this occasion not especially messy as we had such a small window of opportunity, so I didn’t encourage the 4yo to get in to the tuff spot!

It didn’t spoil his enjoyment: he had a great time seeing what different tracks he could make, mixing the colours together (he’s fascinated by colour mixing) and painting, both on the paper and in the tuff spot.

It was great to see the wee girl show an interest, she is often not too keen on getting, even her hands, messy. So, this was a really positive step forward for her – baby steps!

I thought that the aftermath in the tuff spot looked great – artistic and fun :)

As for clean up, my husband kindly took the tuff spot outside and hosed it down for me :)

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14 thoughts on “Mess: tuff spot painting”

  1. Ahhh what a cool idea! I have to admit ours hasn’t been out since summer, I’m always reluctant to get it out indoors because we never manage to contain the mess INSIDE it lol. May have to try something simple like this though – we have so many play doh tools it might be a fun idea :)

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