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The theme from Tara for The Gallery this week is: Morning.

Mornings in our house are fairly chaotic, as I’m sure they are in most homes!

This morning was busier than most, although not untypical :)

My husband had an early meeting, so left the house before 5am. I managed to get another hours sleep, but actually got up when the alarm went off at 6am (I’m a big fan of the snooze button!). I needed to get myself organised before the wee girl woke – generally she’s our real alarm call in the mornings, jumping up and calling for us by 6.30am.

This is the sight that greeted me this morning!

The next hour so passed in a blur of getting dressed; having breakfast (scrambled eggs for two, toast and Nutella for one…); brushing teeth; finding shoes; finding library books; sorting out money for the book fair; organising lunches; putting coats on; fighting with hats and gloves (which in the case of the wee girl, stayed on for about a minute…)! Until, at last we ran out of the door, late as always…

We meet several families for our walk to school, the children either run or dawdle, there is no in between! This morning was a dawdle day…

We dropped the 7yo at his school for line up, which starts at 8.05am. We then headed to the 4yo’s preschool, where he starts at 8.25am! I am lucky that it is a lovely walk for my 1.5 mile round trip, although it’s not so fun when it rains, and I might admit defeat on those days and drive!

This morning was a rush because the wee girl and I had our music class at 9am, so it was a case of run home, jump in the car, get to music with a minute to spare! She had a great time as always, banging drums, singing songs, shaking maracas and playing with scarves :)

Then there were some errands to run, I’m trying to get organised for Christmas! I finally got home and put the kettle on just before 11.00… After looking for squirrels in the garden, of course!

I then checked my phone for messages to discover that the 4yo had been sick and I had to go and pick him up… Back in the car, back to preschool, pick up boy!

At last, I made it home, again; put the kettle on, again; organised snacks and Curious George (for completely selfish reasons – I need to sit down!); and made a mug of tea – at last! – which I am now drinking as I type. It has just gone 12.00, the morning is over.

So, how was your morning?!


I’m also linking this post up to #PoCoLo from Verily, Victoria Vocalises.

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  1. you certainly got a lot done! Mornings can be such a whirlwind. Made the mistake of not checking if homework had been finished last night, which put quite a spanner in the works this morning…won’t be doing that again…not good for stress levels!
    Lovely photos, your daughter is a real sweetie! Hope the four year old’s feeling better x

  2. Ha, good post. We liken our mornings to an army style drill. Up and out, breakfast, tidy, get dressed, remember something you should have done the previous night, get in the car, tackle the traffic, get to school and then i relax when i get into work. Its what makes the weekends better!

  3. Lovely photos of your hectic morning! We always have a major last scramble in the morning. My kids too often get up and decide they have to work on some craft project and then refuse to hurry up and get ready.

  4. I only rarely get to experience this huge rush with 2 children. Today I had my lil girly at home waiting to be picked up by her mama for 8am but a melt down of upset happened a she realised she had school and her brother got to stay home (hes only in pre school 3 times a week). Bless her. It was chaos & she insisted I read her a book to cheer her up. I was luckily super organized. Up b4 the alarm and it went okay apart from the tears hehe. Phew…xx #pocolo ps-hope ur lil man is well now :)

  5. Wow what a gorgeous girl, and what a lovely looking place tomwalk everyday. Morning’s are a lovely time, but can be a teeny bit stressful, sounds like yours go like clockwork! #pocolo

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