Movie night with my boy


Last weekend my 7yo asked to watch a movie with me. He wanted it to be just us. He chose the movie, a fantasy that we would both enjoy.

His brother and sister were sent upstairs a bit early.

We snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket, with juice and snacks, and we had our own movie night. We chatted and giggled. We took selfies.

It was lovely.

I’m becoming increasingly aware of how important one-on-one time is with each of my children, but particularly with my oldest. He needs time that is focused on him. He needs to feel grown up. He needs to feel heard. He needs to feel trusted. He needs to feel special.

And, I need to savour these moments, because it won’t be long before it isn’t cool to spend the evening with mum.

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46 thoughts on “Movie night with my boy”

  1. I love this! A great reminder. When they want to cling to me whilst I’m trying to cook dinner, I try to remember, one day they probably won’t want hugs and it’s SO lovely.

  2. thereadingresidence

    That sounds like such a special evening, just lovely. You’re so right, one on one time is so important, so it’s up to us to remember that and make it happen, which can be tricky to do. But when we do, it’s so special :)

  3. That sounds absolutely lovely. I love Saturday nights snuggled with my son. It doesn’t happen often enough and I know, before long, he won’t want to do it anymore. Hope you get lots more one on one time together.

  4. Aww, that’s so lovely! It can be really hard to get one-on-one time sometimes can’t it – and just magical when you do get it! x

  5. What a gorgeous post Sara. How lovely that you got to spend some quality time together as well. I need to follow your lead and try and do something with Meg more often too. Now she’s at school we just don’t get the same time together.

  6. What a gorgeous post Sara. And funnily enough I had some much needed one on one time with my eldest yesterday and he absolutely loved it….it involved a cafe and a rather large piece of chocolate fudge cake! Love the quote at the end too – so important to remember that. xx

  7. Oh I totally agree with you Sara. My daughter is the same age and she really needs that time together. We’re heading out on Saturday with my sister too for a girls afternoon of material choosing and a Chinese in the Chinese quarter-think we’re all as excited as each other! Lovely post and lovely image :)

  8. awww honey this is beautiful! i so need to do this with my daughter and i keep blaming life for getting in the way although in reality i need to make it happen.

    thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

    1. Thank you Jaime. It always seems hard to fit it in, but really it’s not difficult to just have half an hour in a cafe chatting xx Thanks for hosting x

  9. I love this so much. My oldest and I always struggle to find time together, just the two of us, and it’s so important. x

  10. Aw this is so lovely ! You look so happy and smiley in the first photo and the second with the quote is so cute and very sweet too. One on one time I think is so important, I don’t get enough of it with my girls but I do need to try and take them out on their own once in a while. x

    1. I notice a marked improvement in my oldest’s mood when he’s had a bit of time on his own with either me or his dad. I need to make time more often too xx Thanks for hosting x

  11. This is so special. I tell myself every day how important it is that my little man wants to be with me all the time right now because like you say it will be no time at all that he is not going to want that at all!!! A really lovely ordinary moment! x

    1. It’s really lovely! I used to take the 7yo to the cinema a lot in Edinburgh, but it’s not so easy here… Movie nights at home will do for the moment :)

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