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Well, the snow isn’t going anywhere yet, but it has been much milder… and by that I mean that it’s only been a few degrees below freezing in the afternoons!

So, I’ve been encouraging the boys to play outside for a while when we’ve got home from school. It’s been bright and sunny, perfect for some imaginative play in the snow.

The 7yo decided that they were going to make a potion, in a sledge! Each afternoon a bit more ice has been added to this potion, which is yet to melt so that it can be mixed…!

Of course, not just any ice will do, so there has been lots of investigating and choosing of the best bits. There have also been some inventive ways of breaking off these pieces of ice; kicking it, throwing stones at it, poking it with sticks…

Listening to them develop the idea of this potion was brilliant, such imagination. And, I love that they couldn’t just bash the ice to pieces for fun, there had to be a purpose :)










And, of course there has been some good old fashioned playing, climbing on the piles of snow/ice; throwing snowballs at the trees!




At the risk of sounding like I’m becoming completely obsessed with the weather (?!), it is going to be much milder over the weekend, yay! But, there is currently more snow forecast for the middle of next week, boo!

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill again this week. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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26 thoughts on “#CountryKids – ice and potions”

  1. Looks like your little ones have had a great time playing in the snow. It’s one of the things we seem to have avoided this year in Wales, sadly we didn’t missed the storms

  2. It’s so cool how kids can get some ice and a sled and turn it into a tale of potions! I so agree with you that I’ve had enough of this cold weather.

    1. That’s what I hated about snow in Scotland, icy pavements! Here, everyone has to clear them, makes such a difference :)

  3. I love your sons imagination and the fact that this is an ongoing potion to work on. I wonder if any other ingredients will be added in time? Enjoy your milder weekend and fingers crossed you don’t have too much more snow next week.

  4. Oh I am so sad that we had no snow in London this year. First time in 4-5 years we haven’t, but then last year we had it in APRIL!!!! The weather is maybe too good now for that to happen, I think. I LOVE their “potion” are they Harry Potter fans?
    Thanks for visiting my #countryKids post
    Liska xx

    1. My oldest is reading the Harry Potter books at the moment and there is a lot of spell casting and potion making play going on!

  5. Love the ice potions – just brilliant! It looks like such great play weather too with that sunshine although the cold must be getting a little tedious for you! Here’s hoping you have a warmer weekend and only a flurry next week. Unbelievably I saw a ladybird today, it’s stopped raining and got sunny – for the weekend at least!

    1. I’ve definitely had enough of the cold, but the weather has been much milder today, the kids spent loads of time outside :) Your ladybird photo is stunning x

  6. What a great idea to make a potion from the ice! My kids are desperate for snow but I don’t think we are going to get any this year. Hope the sun stays shining for you and those potions start to melt and mix :-)

  7. Oh my goodness I can’t believe how much snow you still have, and with more forecast, it’s no wonder you’re starting to obsess about the weather! Looks like the kids are still having great fun with it and the ‘potions’ are fantastic! :) xx #countrykids

  8. It looks like they had great fun! I know I’ve been saying I want some of your snow but it has been nearly 20 degrees here today so I’ve changed my mind (sorry!) :p

  9. Aww love all these photos although I couldn’t imagine having snow around for all that time… I hate the cold weather and I know the snow is fun and pretty for a while, after a few days I’ve had enough. No snow here this year and the kids are disappointed – they love snow!! Hope the weather improves for you soon, so you get hot, long summers? x

    1. I agree, a week or so is fun, time to build snowmen, go sledging, have a snowball fight… Two months is overkill! But, we do get lovely long hot summers :)

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