Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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It was Mother’s Day in the US today, and I have had a wonderful, magic day thanks to these three terrors.

They gave me lovely presents and home made cards; they made me smile and gave me hugs. I ran our town’s 3.5 mile Mother’s Day race in the morning and they cheered me on. We went out for a late lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, Wagamama, and they behaved impeccably, ate well and loved the food (and chose noodles and ramen over breaded chicken!).


We went for a lovely stroll in the glorious sunshine (yes, it was hot today!) and I managed to get a photo of them holding hands, the boys looking after their little sister. It’s not a great photo, the sun was in their eyes, but they are together and smiling and I love it.

And my long suffering husband allowed me to take a selfie of us. This is his ‘a selfie, really, you mad woman’ face!


A lovely, lovely day.

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54 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to me!”

  1. Brilliantly well done for doing the race! Wow! Sounds and looks like a special day! (We spent the day on walks …not running…. )

  2. Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day hon! Love the pics of the kids all eating so well! Feels good when it all comes together doesn’t it :) xx #MagicMoments

  3. Awww, that first photo is so precious and your special ‘Mom’s day sounds wonderful from beginning to end (love the selfie!). The run sounds like so much fun and such a good lunch to follow :-) lovely magic moments indeed.

  4. Happy Happy Mother’s Day sweets. Ahhh I celebrated it too yesterday!! I figure I get two mother’s day it’s the least mr p can do given that I gave up my country for him. hahaha THat’s what I guilt him anyways. lol So glad you had such a fantastic time you deserve it. Glad the weather was lovely and way to go you running a race on mother’s day. I am doing a 10k charity run this sunday a bit nervous. Need motivation to get me on a good time. lol Wagamama everyone loves it but I have yet to go I must make it official soon. Sounds yummy. #magicmoments #whatsthestory

    1. Thanks Jenny, absolutely agree, we should definitely celebrate twice :) Good luck in your race, you’ll do brilliantly xx

  5. Happy Mother’s Day,looks like you had an absolute corker of a day!The race sounded great fun.Wagamama is one of my favourite restaurants,unfortunately the nearest one to us is 200kms away!

  6. And he’s probably now even more embarrassed that you’ve put it on your blog! Sounds like a really lovely day – so pleasant when they behave well and get on, isn’t it? And even better that it coincides with Mother’s Day :)

    1. He takes it all with good grace to be fair to him :) It was lovely, they really were on their best behaviour!

    1. Thank you x It was hilarious when I looked at the photo, I caught him just as he was about to call me a mad woman :)

    1. Thank you x I was amazed the first time we took the boys, they both ordered the ramen, demolished it and a miso based soup has become a weekly fixture on our menu now :)

  7. Ah what an awesome day (to use an Americanism!). I used to say the best present I could get on Mothers Day would be some time away from my kids but I think as they get older, more fun and independent then they start to become more of a pleasure to be with! Glad you had fun and even got your hubby rocking the selfie :-)

    1. Yes, there is something to be said for that, and I did get a bit of time to myself too which was lovely. But, the kids were on their best behaviour so we had such a lovely afternoon out :)

  8. Looks like it was the perfect day! Congratulations on running the race, I’m not sure I could ever do it :)

  9. What a fab day for you. Happy Mother’s Day and so pleased you had such a lovely day #magicmoments

  10. Oh wow Sara it sounds like the best day. Huge congratulations on your race, always seems such a great community spirit there. Lunch looks rather fabulous too and I love that selfie – if it was me I would have snorted afterwards! Happy mummy day (albeit a little late!) #whatsthestory

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