49 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: A is for… Ant”

      1. And don’t tell mum turned mom, but we used some of her jam as bait… They had a big jammy feast before their relocation.

    1. It’s a special gel, I believe it was designed for use in space, it has all the nutrients etc. that the ants need!

  1. Aww bless him! Looks like he’s taking his role very seriously too. I can see this project is going to be so much fun, thank you for joining in #alphabetphoto

  2. I couldn’t find the post you linked to #letkidsbekids but wanted to return the visit you made to my Blog :) This is a lovely picture, his concentration is so evident! What is the blue gel?

    1. It’s a special gel that was developed for ant farms in space (yes, really!). It has all the nutrients, water etc. that the ants need in it, so it’s a self-sustaining ‘world’… we’ll see!

  3. Mhairi LittleHands

    Oh good luck. I have no luck with houseplants so would be terrified of looking after ants!

  4. Good luck I hope they last a while! I won’t let my son do things like this any more as he left the lid of his ant farm and I was terrified they’d be crawling in my bed! lol

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