Make: lollipop stick aeroplane

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Lollipop Stick Aeroplane

Always on the look out for inspiration, the theme for the Family Fun linky from Denise over at Mum on a Mission for a Better Life last week was aeroplanes.

I’m late linking up as usual, but the 7yo and I had fun making an aeroplane out of lollipop sticks! With Pinterest providing ideas to get us started, we put together our plane.

You will need:
Wooden lollipop sticks (we used two different sizes, or you could cut longer ones in half)
A wooden peg
All purpose or wood glue
Paint and brushes, to decorate

Glue the lollipop sticks onto the peg as shown, to make the wings and tail of the plane. Allow to dry. Once dry, paint and decorate. You could also paint the sticks and peg before gluing together for a more professional finish to the painting, although I actually quite like the unpainted planes! We made a few, so perhaps we’ll make a mobile or fridge magnets out of them.

Aeroplane 1

Aeroplane 2

Aeroplane 3

Aeroplane 4

And the ‘finished’ article :)

Aeroplane 5

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    Lucas says – AWESOME!!! A great idea. I love planes and cannot wait to fly in one when I go on my holiday. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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