Begin Anywhere

It’s often hard to start something. It’s even harder to start it again. The longer you leave it, the harder it gets. You find excuses to put it off. It’s not the right time. It’s not the start of a month, or a week. It’s a Tuesday. It’s raining.

One of my favorite sayings is begin anywhere. I even have the fridge magnet.

And, it really should be that simple.

But, life isn’t quite like that, is it? For six years, I wrote this blog. Regularly updating it, creating content, adding stories. And then I stopped.

I needed a break, life had changed. I went back to work, the kids had grown up. A lot of the reasons that many bloggers stop, or change focus, applied.

Then the break stretched to three months, then six. Suddenly it was a year. And now, I haven’t published a post since the end of 2018! It’s hard to know where to start after that.

Begin anywhere.

Easier said than done. 

Or maybe not. Perhaps it really is as simple as that. I miss writing, so I should write. And, of course, we now find ourselves in isolation. Cut off from our normal routines, and expectations. All bets are off. The Coronavirus has changed our frame of reference. If ever there was a time to get my thoughts back on paper (virtual or otherwise), this is it. 

….How do we navigate this new (temporary) normal? How do we create enough structure to keep us sane, while allowing ourselves the freedom to do what keeps us happy. How do we balance the demands of school and work and home (and whatever else we’re dealing with) and still take the time to be present in this unprecedented moment. Can we find the positives hidden within the anxiety and uncertainty. Will I ever sleep properly again, or find toilet paper in the store…. All. The. Questions!

Perhaps this little corner of the internet can give me the space to answer some of them. Or maybe just create some new content, write some new stories. (re)Find my voice.

So, it’s time to begin, anywhere. 

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