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As I’ve said many times, this blog is a happy place, in fact it’s one of my happy places. This week however has been a bit rubbish.

Regular readers may have picked up on the fact that we are house hunting; not very successfully so far…

To be fair, we haven’t been actively looking for long, although it may feel like it as we’ve keeping an eye on the market for months! But, I’m already massively frustrated by the whole thing. We found a gorgeous house at the weekend, but lost out in the bidding process, which I know happens all the time; and I do try to have an ‘if it was meant to be…’ attitude to life; but it was a fabulous house!

Add to that the fact that the wee girl hasn’t taken a nap yet this week and my frustration, grumpiness and general feeling of meh just keeps growing.

My writers block is still hanging around, not that I’m getting much chance to write (see above re naps!) and frankly I’ll be glad when this week is over.

Ah, well. Onwards and upwards and all that jazz. Normal, cheerful service will resume shortly.

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32 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Frustrated”

  1. Oh I hated house hunting. We don’t have our own place anymore and while I crave the day we will again, I dread the process of getting there. There will be another house hon, it’s waiting for you out there somewhere x hope this week is going better x

  2. Ah, its not possible for all of our weeks to be perfect but one meh week probably means a good one next week and as you say, just keep believing that your dream house is out there and when you find it everything will fall into place! X #wotw

  3. Oh hon I hope you get a bit of time out over the weekend, it’s so tough when they start dropping their naps and are exhausted themselves!

    Really hope you find a house soon. The process has always been tiresome, but chuck three kids into the mix and it adds a new dimension. Best of luck lovely xx

  4. Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    There is nothing more stressful than house hunting, Fingers crossed you will find your perfect home soon. :)

  5. Good luck with the house-hunting. It must be so disappointing losing out on that ‘perfect’ house. But you’re right I think – it was probably meant to be, and something better is probably waiting round the corner. x

  6. Ah so sorry to hear about the house hon, but yep, got to hold on to the fact that the right house must round the corner that is even better than that one! Best of luck with that! Urgh no naps, that concerns me and no worried you’re over it this week! Hope she gets back to a lovely normal nap routine soon!! xx #wotw

    1. The lack of naps is killing me! She’s in her cot at the moment, but she is alternating between singing and screaming… I’ll have to give up again shortly :( And, you’re absolutely right about the house, thank you x

  7. Oh no, house hunting alone is enough to challenge even the sunniest of dispositions, but no naps too. Such a culture shock when they start to disappear isn’t it! I do hope you enjoy your weekend and next week is better xx

    1. I think the nap thing is almost worse than the house hunting! Thank you, here’s hoping both of us have a less frustrating week next week x

  8. Oh no. House hunting is hugely frustrating, in my experience, and then all of those other things on top can’t be helping. I hate it when the nap time goes – I’m hoping Little Man naps forever…! Fingers crossed you’ll soon find that perfect house x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  9. So sorry you have had one of those weeks. It might not help, but we all get them from time to time. I really hope you find the house of your dreams soon. x Mel #WotW

  10. Combination of house hunting and no naps doesn’t sound like much fun. Hope you manage to find the right house for you soon and that next week will be a less frustrating one

    1. Thank you Louise, it’s just been one of those weeks you know, but I’m sure next will be much better :)

  11. Have faith, things will pick up soon enough. As for the house, it truly is a case of if it is meant to happen it will. I should know. We thought we had lost out on our house, but a couple of weeks later, it came back to us. So hang in there and good luck xx

  12. babymakesthree3

    Dropping naps is awful. We’re at the terrible stage where he needs a nap but won’t have one.

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