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The lovely Jess at Catch a Single Thought tagged me in this fun meme, although I have to say, it is definitely harder than it looks!

The idea of the game is to pick one artist or band and use their song titles to answer the following questions.

So, here goes…!


Are you male or female…?
She’s Madonna

Describe yourself…?
Not Like the Others

How do you feel…?

Describe where you currently live…?
Beyond the Sea

If you could go anywhere…?
Into the Silence

Your best friend is…?
Something Beautiful

Your partner is…?
Better Man

What’s the weather like…?

Favourite time of day…?
Morning Sun

If your life was a book, what would it be called…?
Let Me Entertain You

What is life to you…?
Random Acts of Kindness

Your last relationship…?
Ego a Go Go

Your current relationship…?
All That I Want

You fear…?

How would you like to die…?

What is the best advice you have to give…?
Let Love Be Your Energy

Thought for the day…?
It Was a Very Good Year

Your motto…?
No Regrets


Your favourite form of transport…?
Jesus in a Camper Van

How you feel…?

Your favourite colour is…?

If you could change your name, what would it be…?

I chose Robbie because he’s my fave! But – I can’t believe that I couldn’t find anywhere to use ‘Angels’!!

My other idea had been to use Prince, but I wasn’t convinced I could manage the whole list without it becoming G-Rated, or worse X-Rated!

But really, you can’t beat a bit of Robbie, can you?!

Now, I’m going to tag:

Xandi at The Mummy Scripts
Vickie at 29yearoldmama
Cathie at Wicked World of Lucas

Have fun!

My Life According To

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  1. 29yearoldmama

    Thanks Sara- I will have to think about this before blogging- more complex than on first glance! Well done to you!

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