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365: Day 144

138: Breakfast: the wee girl enjoying her soshudge!
139: Sprinklers: playing on a sunny day…
140: Contemplation: taking a break on the walk home.
141: Quiet: all three happy in the sunshine.
142: Rain: I’m singing and dancing in the rain!
143: Blossom: the wee girl surrounded by petals.
144: Sushi: the 7yo prepared his own lunch, including some left over sushi :)

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Also linking with Actually Mummy’s Expressions because I love the expression on my daughters face in ‘Day 140: Contemplation’.

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30 thoughts on “Project 365: 138-144”

  1. Love the photos of your daughter in this – the black and white, and the blossom one where she seems to blend in.

    I can’t resist dancing and singing in the rain either!

    1. Thank you Kriss, we were so busy I actually took very few photos, so I struggled a little to pick a good set. The b&w’s are my favourites too x

  2. Great pics Sara, I love them all, especially the lunch, I cannot get my 7 year old or my hubby to eat sushi, but that’s ok all the more for me lol

    1. Thanks Angela x The 7yo loves veggie sushi… but he’s asked to go to a sushi restaurant for his birthday so that he can try more :)

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