Country Kids: dancing in the sun and singing in the rain!

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Singing in the Rain

This week has seen my country kids spend a lot of time in the garden, even in the rain!

It’s gone from blazing sunshine to heavy rain from one day to the next, but it hasn’t been cold, so no reason to not get outside as much as possible.

They’ve splashed (and washed their faces?!) in puddles…

Puddles 1

Puddles 2

Puddles 3

Puddles 4

They’ve danced through sprinklers in the sunshine…

Sun 1

Sun 2

Sun 3

Sun 4

Sun 5

Sun 6

They’ve played with balls and jumped (I actually caught the wee girl almost in mid-air here!)…

Sun 7

They’ve gone singing in the rain…

Rain 1

Rain 2

The weather may have been mixed, but this week is hopefully a sign of things to come over the summer, where the first choice of activity has been playing the garden. And, every photo is slightly blurry because I didn’t manage to catch any of them standing still, such was the excitement, laughter and jumping involved in each activity :)

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill again this week. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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45 thoughts on “Country Kids: dancing in the sun and singing in the rain!”

  1. Looks like they’ve been having great fun!! My two have been enjoying the mix of weather too…they’ve been out in the garden in the sun and enjoyed a long puddle-stomping walk in the rain :) #countrykids

  2. My children love playing with the hose. They get so drenched, that I have to make sure they don’t do it just before we go out. Almost missed the cinema once. Love the photos of your youngest enjoying washing herself in the puddles. Beautiful. #CountryKids

    1. Yes, they aren’t allowed to do it until we’ve done everything else we need to do for the day :)

  3. Kriss MacDonald

    brilliant! Love the absolute joy in all their faces as they enjoy the warm weather sunshine or rain!

  4. These are some great pictures and the children really do look like they’re so very happy. Nothing better than just going outside and having fun! I am looking forward to a change of weather…we deserve it! This is a really happy post xx

  5. It’s been the same here. The sun has temporarily disappeared and it’s been grey and rainy days for us too. I won’t be surprised if it rains the whole time , after all it’s a bank holiday weekend! #CountryKids.

  6. YOu can never box kids =P

    They will enjoy any weather! Rain or shine. These photos are so much fun! I love that you let them be kids. I remember if this is me way back when im a kid i will be told off for wasting water =P


  7. Lovely to get out into the garden. Our weather has been a mixed bag too and I’m still struggling slightly to get my kids off the Xbox and outside!

  8. Aww looks like they had loads of fun, love the pics of them dancing in the sprinklers! Wee girl washing her face in the puddle is too cute as well. Lovely post and hopefully lots more outdoor fun to come over the next few months!! Xx #countrykids

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    1. I think we’re all just getting a bit sic of being stuck inside! A little bit of rain isn’t going to put us off :)

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