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194: Boxes: decluttering our old house for sale…
195: Collapsed: I think the wee girl may have been a bit tired!
196: Flower: a pretty flower in my new garden.
197: Dinner: our first night in the new house… ‘dinner’ at 10.30pm!
198: Horsey: giddy up!
199: Tennis: A quick game (!) of tennis before dinner after arriving in New Hampshire for the weekend.
200: Siblings: three happy kids after a day at Storyland, and meeting Cinderella :)

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18 thoughts on “Project 365: 194-200”

  1. ha ha a make shift shelve bed! i must have missed that you were moving house – i hope you are all settled in and enjoying it. boxes everywhere for a few weeks now then! and wow to meeting Cinderella, i bet that was fun! xx

    1. The move all happened quite quickly, and I kept it quiet until we actually had the keys :) I have a great photo of the wee girl meeting Cinderella!

  2. Pic 2: new table decoration? ;-) I love your pics of the wee girl! The flower – we’re got some of those in our garden – I was under the impression that they were thistles? X

    1. Ha ah, she certainly seemed comfy :) Thistles have kind of spiky leaves around the bottom of the flower bit… These just have the ‘ball’… Not sure what they are!

  3. love the tired girl pic, just so relaxed and natural. The bottom pic they do look very happy. Hope you are all happy in your new home after your busy week, not really an easy thing to do in the heat we have had.

    1. Thank you Elaine, we are getting settled! And it’s been very hot with us, so definitely hard work :)

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