Me and: masses of boxes, again!

Masses of boxes again

Well, after six weeks, our container finally arrived last Thursday!

We had been tracking it on line; watching a little dot cross the Atlantic, seeing it arrive in New Jersey, watching it leave New Jersey and irritatingly go to the big truck x-ray yard… They randomly scan containers to check that the inventory matches what they can see! Thankfully ours was given the all clear, so we only had to pay for the x-ray; not for a team of guys to open every box, look at the contents and then repack them…!?!

Finally it left, on a truck then a train then another truck. Then it sat for a few days, so near and yet so far, as we waited for the call to say that they could deliver it.

I had been a little worried that the truck wouldn’t make it up our drive, being on the narrow side and quite steep; but the driver did an amazing job and made it look easy. And, the Council kindly chopped off the tree branch that was going to hit the container, an hour before the truck arrived; I do like it when a plan comes together, and all credit to hubby for managing to sort that little issue out in the space of 24 hours! And, kudos to the Council for responding so quickly :)

It is difficult to describe the size of the truck, or the number of boxes, or how much space they now take up in our garage. So, here is the unpacking in photo story!

The truck arrives, reversing up the driveway. It only starts to slip back down once…

Truck arriving

After taking bolt cutters to the security seal, the container is opened. Before long it is half empty, and our garage is starting to look a bit full…

Unpacking commences

And done! The 5yo is given a box so that he can empty the last box out of the container…

The end is in sight

And done

Good job

Our garage is now very full…

Lots of boxes

And we said goodbye to the truck!

Goodbye truck

It is a strange feeling to finally have all our stuff back together after two years. There are so many things that I know are in a box somewhere; photos, diaries, ornaments, keepsakes, memory boxes… It will be wonderful to find these things again.

The refrain of the last few weeks has been, we have one of those…in the container! Strange when we hadn’t felt that we’d missed any of it.

Although looking at the box mountain, with no visible labels, it may be quite some time before any of these things see the light of day again, so we’ll be saying it’s in the garage now :)

I’m not very sure what I’m going to do with it all, and I suspect that there will be cries of why on earth did I pack that..! Of course, much of the packing occurred in the panicked weeks before we first moved, when I had a newborn to deal with, so I am expecting the cries to be many, and loud :)

One thing is for sure, it will be an emotional journey unpacking these boxes. One that I am looking forward to; even though I know it will be a long and exhausting task.

While I have become much less of a hoarder since making this huge move, I still attach great sentiment to certain items. It will be wonderful to be surrounded by them again. I am very excited and so very pleased to have all my stuff in one place at last and, actually, can’t wait to start the task of unpacking.

We might need to do some decorating and buy some more furniture first though…

The story of my boxes is almost over, it started more than two years ago when we made the decision to move; it continued as we wondered what on earth we had been thinking. Six weeks ago I went back to the UK and saw them all packed into the container. Last week they were unpacked into our new garage. Now, all that remains is for their contents to find new homes within our new home.

I’m linking up with Charly for What’s the Story and Jaime for Magic Moments, because strangely enough, looking at my box mountain is quite magical for me!

I am also linking up with the wonderful Zaz for All About You, as the story of my boxes is as much a journey for me as it is for them.

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41 thoughts on “Me and: masses of boxes, again!”

  1. Am sure you guys will love having all your ‘things’ back with you and the journey of re-discovering bits that you had forgotten will be fun! Our container had every box opened for a check as the port from where they departed is apparently well known for illegal substances. Thankfully all was there x

    1. I’m so glad we avoided the unpacking at the port, apart from being expensive, it would have delayed it hugely! Can’t wait to start unpacking (on the one hand, on the other I’d quite like to pretend the boxes aren’t there!).

  2. Oh wow I don’t know whether to be envious of you going through the boxes-it will be like free shopping and will be exciting when you find things you forgot you had, or to feel sorry for you as there are so many!
    The good thing is, I suppose there is no time limit and you can go through at your own pace.
    I personally would love it.

  3. OH! I would love to have a mooch through these boxes! How very exciting! Imagine all the things that you will find in there? Brill story and I bet your boy loved the truck. Mine would have xxx

  4. Those boxes have been on a serious journey! I don’t envy you the task of emptying those boxes, although I’m sure that finding all your old things that have meaning to you will be a great feeling. Dropping by from Magic Moments.

  5. Oh, wow, that’s a lot of boxes! And I love that the 5yo got the last one off. It’ll be a wonderful, exhausting and emotional time unpacking them all, but you’ve plenty of time for that, after all of the decorating! x

  6. Oh wow, I’ve come in at the end of your journey. I’m going to have to read from the beginning. Good luck with sorting through all the boxes.

  7. Wowsers that is a LOT of boxes! We moved house in March and it was only at the weekend when I opened a cupboard that I realised the OH had just put 4 boxes in it without unpacking them first…I just shut the door – we’ll get round to t at some point!!

  8. Wow that is a lot of boxes! So hard to know where on earth to start with all of them! Glad it all arrived safely though. Hope the mammoth task of unpacking goes well, and you find somewhere to put everything!! Xx #allaboutyou

  9. Wow, that truck driver had some skill! I imagine its simultaneously daunting and exciting having your belongings finally all together though. I wonder how many times you’ll hear the ‘I’ve been looking for that!’ xx

  10. Goodness me, as much as I’m sure it’s a relief to have all your belongings in one place I think it will be very emotional unpacking everything, like uncovering long lost friends. I hope it goes well for you x #whatsthestory

  11. Oh goodness this brought back some memories, most of which I’d rather forget! We had our entire container ripped to pieces by customs, had things broken or go missing entirely and had to pay a fortune for the privilege! On the plus side rediscovering things we’d packed months before was great along with the inevitable “why did I pack that” and “why didn’t I pack the other half of this?”

    1. I was so relieved when it passed the x-ray, I was dreading them opening everything. So sorry yours got stopped, it is horribly expensive isn’t it?! And, to have things broken and go missing is adding insult to injury!

  12. It must be a great feeling having all your things in one place, albeit in your garage now. I can imagine that unpacking is going to be quite an emotional journey for you. Good luck with all the unpacking. :)

  13. awww Sara i am so pleased you now have all your things under one roof .. and I am wishing you all the love in the world for this stage of your journey xx

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments (sorry i am late to pop over)

  14. Mama and more aka Zaz

    Oh wow, and so another chapter closes and opens. I know so well what it feels like to be reunited with all your things, it’s quite incredible that we attach emotions to objects but so true. Good luck with the gradual sorting out lovely, and thanks for linking this up to All About You xx

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