The B&W Photography Project: 9/11 Memorial


9/11 is etched forever in memory. It is one of those moments that you know exactly where you were. Know exactly what you were doing.

I watched the horror unfold, with friends and colleagues, on a portable TV in our office. Sitting in the shadow of the BT Tower, surrounded by iconic buildings, the fear palpable.

When we decided to visit New York this weekend, I knew I had to visit the 9/11 Memorial.

While I expected the Memorial to be overwhelming and upsetting, what I wasn’t expecting was the feelings of despair. Perhaps it was the black; sucking the light away. Perhaps it was my own vertigo; staring in to the seemingly bottomless voids. Perhaps it was the sense of hopelessness in the water falling into nothing.

I suppose I looked for feelings of hope; of looking forward, not back.

It is a powerful place. The voids surrounded by the new.

Perhaps the hope is in the new buildings surrounding the Memorial. Perhaps we are meant to look up, away from the depths of despair to the signs of progress; of creating something where there was nothing, of not giving in.

I’m joining in with Charly’s Black and White Photography Project over on PODCast.

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16 thoughts on “The B&W Photography Project: 9/11 Memorial”

  1. Somewhere I want to go too. I can imagine feeling the same as you, it is such a place that I am sure no matter who you are you would feel great emotion.

  2. My in-laws have been to visit this over the weekend as they are in New York, I was wondering about Ground Zero and how it would make me feel. I think it’s one of moments in your life where you remember exactly where you were when you heard about it. #bwphotoproject

  3. A powerful but yet beautiful image of a time when lots of us remember where we were and still have such vivid memories of a truly awful moment in time x

  4. Interesting how the ground zero memorial was conceived and interpreted – a reminder of a terrible ominous, shocking feeling to most of us and a real black hole in the lives of others. Maybe the memorial makers were trying to say that this is the inverse of what went before – from the tallest building to the deepest hole – not so much despair as two fingers up to the terrorists? X #bwphotoproject

  5. Interesting to hear how this memorial made you feel. Like everyone else I can remember everything about the day itself and will definitely visit next time I’m in NYC. Last time I was there the memorial was still being built.

  6. Beautiful words. I’ve yet to visit this site for fear that it might be too overwhelming. Your words are reassuring though, so I’ll be heading there in the fall. Thank you for sharing!

  7. The last time we were in New York the Twin Towers were still there. I remember the event vividly too-we’d not long got married and our American family had just returned home-a feeling I’ll never forget either.

  8. Such a fabulous pic and I think the black & white makes it all the more poignant. 9/11 was such a terrible day in our recent history and I can remember the images as they unfurled on our TV at home. Would love to visit the 9/11 memorial someday.

  9. Lovely words Sara, I will never for that day. It was the only day at work I can remember when the phone calls just stopped and we all just stared at each other in total disbelief. One of our temps had a girlfriend working next to the Pentagon – for him it was horrific. #bwphotoproject

  10. What a poignant photo – just had a flashback to that day. I remember exactly where I was and like you saw it unfold in a TV in the office. I looked at the screen just as the second plane hit. I’ve not seen the memorial before and it wasn’t what I was expecting. I can totally imagine it being a powerful place, the sense of loss must be immense. I was near it a few years back but on a business trip so didn’t get to see it. I hope you had a great time in New York Sara. Thanks for sharing with #bwphotoproject (and sorry for being behind!) x

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