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Back to School Family Cookout

Each year, a few weeks after the kids are back at school, my sons’ school holds a family cookout. An opportunity for families to catch up after the summer, for new families to make friends and for the kids to eat hotdogs and run around with their friends!

The cookout was last night and I’ll be honest, I was half hoping it would rain… My husband left in a taxi for the airport half an hour before it started!

Corralling three kids, carrying three hot dogs, three packets of crisps and three juices is no mean feat while also pushing a buggy (a necessity to stop the youngest participant from running off while I tried to do all of the above!).

To be fair, the 8yo helped. He paid for our food tickets, he ordered the hotdogs for the three and he managed to carry a couple of things…

The boys immediately met up with friends and food kept everyone sitting still for at least five minutes.




Then the running began, and all I saw for quite some time was this… Thankfully the big kids kept ‘herding’ the wee girl back towards me!


I had the odd moment of quiet while the wee girl was distracted by food again and the 5yo showed me how much he was enjoying himself :)



Then the running began again, and ended abruptly with the wee girl face planting on the play ground. After lots of cuddles and kisses of ouches (grazed hands) and the production of an ice lolly, calm was restored.



Then it was time for the park. The wee girl only wants to go on the swing at the moment, and go faster, faster! It’s a good work out for my arms :)


The boys also had fun; climbing and messing around on (and in and around) swings!





[I’m not the only mum who is a little unsure of the favoured way to use this swing…!]

We had a lovely evening, and I was quite glad that it hadn’t rained after all. I took three tired, but happy, kids home and Night 1 of my husband’s trip passed without incident. Fresh air is a wonderful thing!

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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46 thoughts on “Country Kids: back to school: family cookout”

  1. What lovely photo’s of them all having fun Sara. Lovely idea too and a great way to pass the time on your husbands first night away! I bet the children slept well that night! x

  2. I love how this trip turned out. sometimes it is the things you really don’t want to bother with that end up being so successful. I hope the rest of your time while your husband is away runs as smoothly. The children really look like they appreciated the school cook night, some lovely photos there to look back on in time. thankyou for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. What a bloody marvellous idea! I would really like to get together before the kids go back to school with their friends and parents.It looks and sounds like you all had fun together.

  4. I love the idea of this, I’ve found that school drop off and pick up is such a rushed affair I haven’t had the time to catch up or meet other parents. Glad the lolly helped little one get over the fall! #CountryKids

  5. Yes, I agree. Meeting up like this sounds like a great idea (although I can well imagine why you weren’t so keen this time around!) looks like it went well though and I bet you were as tired as the children! xx

  6. I’ve just had a flashback of when I was at school and we used to have a cookout and remember it being so much fun (well for me as the kid but I’m sure my folks had a good time too!) Think I might mention it to our school as something they may want to do. x

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