Childhood Moments: an obsession with stickers

An obsession with stickers Title

If there is one thing that can keep the wee girl occupied for hours, it’s stickers, or stigs as they have become known.

Give her a sheet of stickers (or several) and a sheet of paper and she will become completely focused on the task at hand, and will cover that sheet of paper.

When her love affair with stickers first began, she would become frustrated; they wouldn’t come off the sheet, or they would tear, or they would stick to her fingers. She has spent many an afternoon trying to stick stickers upside down, becoming more and more annoyed as they stubbornly stuck to her rather than the paper.

Once she had developed the right technique to ‘peel and stick’ though, there was no stopping her!

An obsession with stickers

However, at the moment she will only use round, or preferably egg shaped, stickers?! Don’t you just love these idiosyncrasies; she will not be palmed off with stars or squares or dinosaurs. Not even a Disney character will do. Nope, just eggs.

Sadly, these are harder to find when it’s not Easter!

Do your kids have random obsessions like this?

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39 thoughts on “Childhood Moments: an obsession with stickers”

  1. Oh bless her, your daughter looks so happy in these photos! My daughters both loved stickers & this became a bit of an obsession in our house! Now that they’re both at uni, I regularly sneak stickers from their sticker albums & stick them all over the envelopes of any letters I send. They’re not overly pleased about this, but it’s a fun way for me to offload the things!!

  2. Haha Sara I love this!! It’s so random the things kids catch on to….egg shaped stickers!? It’s a pretty big commitment to the egg shaped sticker cause if Disney stickers won’t do the trick haha!

    I haven’t tried to give Arthur stickers yet, will have to get him some to have a go with!!

  3. I can totally understand this! I am a bit sticker obsessed too. It must be the teacher in me?? I remember hunting down scratch n sniff stickers at one stage – do you remember those? So retro! Bless your little lady. We’d get on very well indeed! :) xx

    1. They really do get everywhere don’t they? I do love it when they really get into something though, wonderful to see the enthusiasm x

  4. Aw bless, I love the look of concentration on her little face! M is starting to get into stickers too, including trying to get them back off whatever he’s stuck them on. I don’t think he gets (or agrees with) the idea of “once they’re stuck, they’re stuck”! The other obsession is cleaning: sweeping, wiping, the lot. I have no idea where he gets that because I try to do as little of it as possible…

  5. My kids also gravitate towards stickers but don’t mind the shape.They do use me instead of paper though so I’m usually covered in them #letkidsbekids

  6. There really is something about stickers that toddlers just adore isn’t there? I love how she loves egg shaped ones the most! Monkeys granny bought him a Postman pat sticker book and he is obsessed with them, “Pat tityets” is what they get called in our house! :)

  7. So cute. Missy Moo is the same she is absolutely obsessed with stickers as is Buba but not to her extreme. There are so funny with them too. I love watching to see what they will creative with them. Such a cute post and love all the fun filled photos. She is adorable with her stickers. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  8. Stickers are always a hit in our house too! I never know what to do with these pages full of stickers afterwards either… I tend to display them for 24hours(ish) and then get rid (slightly scandalous to admit that in public!!) seems stickers are the way to every little girls heart!

  9. Wicked World of Lucas

    Lucas loves stickers. He also used to like putting stickers in the most inappropriate places…………….. #sharewithme

  10. Grace & Lucas say – Stickers are AWESOME!!!!! Great post and keep up the good work Wee Girl :) #sharewithme

  11. My girls love stickers too and lots of them, Little 1 is very methodical with her sticking and lites to cover up an entire page so that you can’t see anything other than piles of stickers, I don’t mind as it takes her ages and keeps her out of mischeif!! #letkidsbekids

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