Country Kids: it snowed!

Country Kids - It Snowed

This week, it snowed! It started on Wednesday afternoon, holding off until the boys were home from school, but falling well into the night, giving us a snow covered Thanksgiving.

And, what do you do when it starts to snow and the whole family are actually at home? You go for a walk of course, cementing (again) our reputation for being a little odd…







I have to admit, it was pretty cold and wet, and the snow fell quite heavily on us… But, the squeals of delight at being out in the snow (even better as it was actually snowing) made it worthwhile.

Thursday, we awoke to a good covering of snow, but with the morning spent with friends and the afternoon spent cooking and chatting and eating, we didn’t make it outside to play for any length of time.

But, it snowed again over night and this morning there were a good few inches on the ground, perfect for jumping and building and sliding; and snowballs!





Sadly the snow was a little too dry for good snowman building, but it was fun to scoop and pile.






It did make for good snowballs though and the boys (all three of them…) had a great time!





Of course the sledge had to come out… And of course this was combined with a bit of snow throwing :)





The slide was also covered in snow, and that was far too much of a temptation, the 5yo winning the toss at being the one to slide down through the snow. Thank goodness for snow gear!



Shouts of I love snow! from the wee girl and squeals of delight from the boys as snowballs went flying, made for perfect family time. I may yet learn to love, rather than tolerate, the snow :)

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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57 thoughts on “Country Kids: it snowed!”

  1. How lucky are you! It looks so much fun lol. We had no snow at all in southeast uk last winter :-(
    Hoping for some this year. Enjoy thar snow and loved seeing your pictures super cute!

    1. Thank you, the snow is fun, but if it’s anything like last year I’ll be trying to send it to the UK come February :)

  2. Wonderful photos and just look at all that powdery soft snow. I do so want to have a covering big enough to use the sledges sat in our farm shed this year. Your three are having such a lovely time there, lovely to see. thank you for sharing with me on country Kids and making me long for some here.

  3. Fab pictures! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I love reading about your different seasons – they’re so much more extreme than the UK’s.
    So is not considered normal over there to go for a walk in the snow?!

    1. Thank you! It is one of the things I love about living here, defined seasons :) And, walking is often seen as a bit odd (although to be fair, the town we live in isn’t too bad!), but walking when it is actually snowing? Put it this way, no one else was out!

  4. Oh wow what a lovely family treat for Thanksgiving. It looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves. Great photos thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Sara, if it snowed here I’d probably be the first out in it! We do get snow here in Greece, but it’s mainly on the mainland, although we have had it settle up the mountains here a couple of times (nothing like in your pictures mind!).

    Your pictures of the family having fun are wonderful and the fact that it’s good outdoor fun makes it even more special!

    1. Thank you Debbie! Winters where snow is pretty much guaranteed are new for us, and while it can get a bit frustrating after a few months, the kids just have such a blast :)

  6. It looks like everyone had lots of fun in the snow. I can’t remember when it last snowed here, not for a while at least. Hope they get to build their snowman soon #CountryKids

  7. Oh everyone looks like they’ve had a fabulous time. I always think there is something magical about the first flurries of snow, in fact you’ve had a real dump of snow! But it’s exciting. Lovely photos xx

    1. We really do need the snow gear! Sadly (or not, depending on your perspective) it has all melted, but I wouldn’t be surprised to get more before Christmas :)

  8. I’m slightly jealous! My boys can’t wait for us to get snow however I can’t stand it for too long! Gorgeous photos!

  9. Ah I love the snow so much! I guess it must get a little tedious when it’s been around for months, but I’m very glad to hear that those first flurries are still magical :) I really hope we get some snow here this year so Arthur can experience it… It’s still so mild at the moment it’s hard to imagine! xx

    1. I am learning to love the snow, but if we have it for as long as we did last year, come March I won’t love it anymore :)

  10. Michelle Reeves (@bodfortea)

    There is NOTHING better than a snowball fight is there? Frankly I think we’ll be lucky to see snow here in the UK this year so I shall be looking at all your lovely snowy pictures to get my fix :)

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