Santa photo: three years makes a tradition

Santa Photo 2014

How many years does it take for something to become a tradition? Is twice enough, or do you have to do it for a third year to really make it stick?

Heading towards our first Christmas in the US we had a Santa photo done, the first time we’d done this, and as it happened, the first photo of all five of us together! Last year we went back and had another photo taken and I wrote about the difference a year makes and wondered whether we were looking at the start of a family tradition.

Santa 2012 and 2013

So, here we are a year later, and we went back. Same place, different Santa… It has now become a tradition. A small family moment, where we wear co-ordinating clothes and all smile together. A moment where we can see how much we’ve changed, where the past year has taken us.

For me it is also a moment for reflection, and for looking forward. It marks the beginning of Christmas, but also the end of another year. It documents how much the kids have grown, and gives me a moment to collect my thoughts.

It’s been another busy year full of highs, and not so highs. It’s been fun and frantic. It’s been exciting and emotional.

But, when I look at this photo all I can see is five happy faces. I can see children who have grown so much, developing and becoming independent, so full of character, life and enthusiasm. I can see a family that has so much to look forward to.

I wonder what our 2015 photo will look like :)

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35 thoughts on “Santa photo: three years makes a tradition”

  1. I love the coordinated clothes, they really make the photo look great! I think this is a wonderful tradition and a good way to capture your children growing up a little more every year. #magicmoments

  2. I remember reading your post on this last year!! I think it’s a fabulous tradition and especially special having all of you together in it.

  3. I think it’s only when we see situations like this over a time period that we truly understand the passage of time itself. Naturally, we tend to live more for the moment I think, but reflecting on our children’s development is something special. I think 3 years is definitely a tradition :)

    1. Yes, I couldn’t get over the change in the children in the photos, especially the wee girl. I’m so glad we have the set!

  4. Aww that’s such a lovely picture (all three are!), and the start of a really great tradition too, how great will it be to put them all in a montage one day when they’re too old to want to come anymore!

  5. Ahhh it’s so nice to see how the kids are grown and wow they’ve shot up over the years :) it’s a really nice tradition I think and one you should probably keep up for years to come!

  6. Love the transition from year to year. Simple life events can become significant events by managing them with a legacy heart. You have a wonderful family. Keep up the great focus and you’ll see great success.

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