Country Kids: Little Bear goes to the zoo

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Little Bear goes to the zoo

This week we had the company of Little Bear, the 5yo’s Kindergarten class mascot. For those of you not familiar with this preschool/school joy; your child gets the class ‘friend’ home for a weekend and you get to take it on exciting trips and write all about it in a journal…

I’ve lost count of the number of bears (pigs/elephants/dogs) we’ve had home over the years. It’s one of those exciting events for your child, that really means homework for mummy…

There was a mix up last Friday and the teacher forgot to give the 5yo the bear. Cue lots of tears. Mummy dutifully wrote a note for the teacher and Little Bear came home on Monday.

Cue lots of tears. The 5yo was distraught that he would only get to see the bear after school and wouldn’t be able to go on adventures.

So, mummy came to the rescue with an impromptu trip to the zoo after school on Wednesday.

Little Bear was very excited to arrive at the zoo…


He enjoyed watching the animals with the 5yo…


He was a little scared by the jaguar…


But loved the black bears…


And enjoyed learning to play pooh sticks…


While showing Little Bear the animals, the three had a great time running around.


The 8yo took charge of making sure the wee girl spotted the animals.





Although several of the zoo’s animals have gone south for the winter, including the alligators. I have to say though, as this is one of the poorer enclosures at the zoo, I don’t really blame them… (they are a new addition to the zoo, so I’m hoping that they get a better spot soon!).


As always, visiting the animals was a huge hit with all three, favourites included the artic foxes, flamingos and jaguar. And we did of course visit the reindeer.





I love watching the expressions on their faces as they watch the animals. They are so intent, so interested.




It was such a short trip this time, squeezed in after school and before the zoo closed, but it was worth every minute. Regular readers will know that I am nervous of taking the three on outings like this as corralling them all is a challenge. I have never attempted it without a stroller for the wee girl before and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went, and very proud of the boys for looking after their sister, and making sure she didn’t run too far. And, to be fair, the wee girl was on her best behaviour too :)

They are growing up and sometimes I get too caught up in the day to day to notice; it is good to step outside our normal school week routine every so often and be reminded.

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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23 thoughts on “Country Kids: Little Bear goes to the zoo”

    1. You just have to embrace it, but filling in the journal and getting photos printed etc does make it feel like homework for parents :) Little Bear certainly had a good time though!

  1. I see your children grow each week and how wonderful this trip looks with your eldest really looking after wee girl to ensure she enjoys the zoo too. Little bear certainly did well out of his trip to you. I hope the follow up homework went as well for the 5 year old! Thank you for sharing such wonderful and caring photos on Country Kids of your children together on their Little bear outing.

    1. Thank you Fiona, it was a lovely little trip and the kids were thrilled to get such a treat after school. The follow up homework went very well, we had plenty of good photos to choose from :)

  2. Well done for thinking on your feet-not always easy! And I know exactly what you mean about getting too caught up in the day to day-that’s why I enjoy holidays so much because a break from the routine often shows me how much the children are changing and growing and that I need to adapt too xx

  3. Love the last photo – the three of them all huddled together :) Have a lovely Christmas and happy new year! From our little family to yours :) #countrykids.

  4. What a great afternoon. We havent used a pushchair since mine could walk as he hates being strapped in. He’s pretty good anywhere we go except the town, which I only go to when I am on my own hehehe x

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