54 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: 1 February 2015”

  1. Bilmey, those are some impressive looking icicles (or are they stalactites?) I wouldn’ty want one of those suddenly dropping on my head! It makes the approximately one millimetre of snow we had here last night look kind of pathetic …

  2. Little White Dinosaur

    Wow! What a gorgeous photo! What I would do to have a view like that at the moment – it is so hot today, that I just don’t want to move haha!

  3. What an awesome photo!
    And I’m totally not hear just because you were the first to link up! – I’ve wondered about that sometimes ;-) This one truly stands out from the crowd :-)
    Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!

  4. It’s like something out of FROZEN!
    The weather you’re having looks amazing as it allows for such a dramatic backdrop, but does living in it day by day has quite the same feeling?!
    Amazing shot. Amazing weather!

  5. What a fantastic photo Sara, I love it!
    Beautiful sky and trees too…I remember when we were in Canada a few years ago there were icicles like this on our log cabin.

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