The Truth About: the school run in the snow

The Truth About the School Run in the Snow

I could dedicate a whole post just to the school run. To the chaos, the rushing, the nagging, the losing things, the forgetting things, the running late… It is my least favourite part of the day.

On a normal day my morning routine looks something like this:

Encourage kids to get up; encourage them to make their own breakfast; clean up various levels of mess from that activity; make snacks and lunches; pack school bags; lose things, find things, forget things; walk if we’re ready to leave early enough, drive if not.

When you add snow into the mix there is an extra layer of complication and aggravation, and occasional hilarity (Michelin Man kids anyone, dwarfed by piles of snow?!).

We add snow boots and snow pants in to the dressing to leave the house activities. We add shoes to change in to at school onto the forgotten items list. We add hats and gloves into the hunting high and low for category.

Forget walking to school; it has to be the car as the pavements will be impassable by stroller, and in some cases by foot! The piles of snow at the moment are hilariously high at points, and after our latest storm yesterday (must find out if it has a name…) another foot has been added to the mountains of snow lining the pavements. When you walk through teeny, tiny gaps with snow up to your waist on either side, it is certainly an experience!

Pavement Obstacles

During our first winter here I found this incredibly frustrating; now I just get on with it, I’ll get fit again come spring/thaw :)

So, we get everyone in the car, all forgotten items are retrieved, and we’re finally on our way.

Once we arrive at school I have a few options:

I can park in my usual spot. But, parking involves wedging the car up against the snow that has been piled high along the pavement edge. No chance of opening the doors on the passenger side… And, if I do park up and get everyone out of the car, will the wee girl manage the walk without falling over or getting lost in a snow drift :)

Parking Fun

Or, if I’m lucky, I can park close enough to the drop off so that I can leave the wee girl in the car while I get the boys across the road, where they can then walk in with others (the drop off is very popular in the winter!). But, then I have to ask myself if it’s cold enough for them to be let straight in to the building (generally this happens when the temperature is below about -5C), or should I wait till I hear the bell :)

Or, do I do the drive-by drop off, knowing that I’m not really supposed to help the kids out of the car, but knowing that if I don’t they’ll fight with the door and trip over bags on their way out…


By the time I get home, it’s only 8.20am and I feel like I’ve done a days work…

How is the school run for you?!

[I may, just possibly perhaps, have had enough of the snow now; we’ve had over three feet in the last week!]

And then the fun began...

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50 thoughts on “The Truth About: the school run in the snow”

  1. Megan - Truly Madly kids

    Wow! Living over there certainly presents its challenges in the winter!

    It does look stunning thoug! #truthabout

    1. It certainly does, it’s amazing how quickly you just learn to get on with it though :) And, it is beautiful! Although, I think we have enough snow now… ;)

  2. hehe. I haven’t even got to that stage yet! My little one is 18 months. When it snows I get stressed enough with myself getting to work! Throw some kiddies in and wow. xx

  3. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    I think this needs to be shared all over the news over here, because I heard that schools were SHUT today following the melting flurry we had this morning. What a joke. I’m tired just reading about your snowy school run – hats off to you! xx

    1. LOL, I have to admit I have smiled at some pictures and stories from the UK. To be fair we’ve had four snow days in the last week, but you really can’t get to school when there’s a snow storm and several feet of snow :)

  4. Oh hon it sounds like a proper mare! I detest the school run and am not a huge fan of the snow… fortunately for me my eldest goes in with a neighour in the morning to save me the hassle, then I do pick up on non-work days. We had a teensy snowfall overnight Monday, and I must say, I’m hoping thats it… hope yours melts real soon lovely xxx

  5. Wow, seriously that just sounds all too much for me to be able to handle!!! You sound like you do it like a pro now lovely!!!
    No school drop offs here yet, but I must say I’ve never read a blog that makes it sound appealing haha!! Xx

    1. I have to admit I am far better at it than I was the first year we were here! And, schools runs are awful, however organised you think you are :)

  6. That does seem complicated! I can’t believe how much snow you have. It must make everything difficult to do! #sharewithme

    1. It makes things harder, but you just have to adapt to it. It does make me take a very deep breath before I leave the house in the mornings!

  7. Wow that is a lot of snow. We got a fair bit but not as much as that. Thankfully we had no place to be as no school runs etc so we enjoyed it this time but I predict as my little boy gets older I will only curse the snow for making life harder. #sharewithme

    1. It’s when it’s too bad to go outside and cabin fever sets in! After a couple of snow days the school run doesn’t seem quite so bad :)

  8. Wow certainly sounds like snow makes the school run more complicated and those piles of snow look huge. I love snow but I can see why you’ve had enough of it now!

    1. Yes, it’s the sheer volume of it! You just have to think ahead a bit more, although I am definitely getting used to it :)

  9. Oh I remember that well! I don’t miss that, though my kids really miss all the fun they had playing in the snow during recess at school–our school used to pile up the snow into a giant snow mountain and let the kids play on it and slide down it–I think they’ll always remember that.

    1. Ha! The stories from the UK do make me smile a little now, but it’s all about infrastructure and experience really :)

  10. Snow certainly adds another level of chaos in dealing with the school run – but over in the UK the schools would all be closed! Keep going hun – it’s all you can do. Here’s hoping for some milder weather soon x

  11. Wow that’s a lot of snow! Nothing would work here if we had that much! I have to do the nursery run or the Nannie run, depending on what day it is! Trying to get us out of the house, try to miss the traffic, drop off, jump in the car and drive to the statuon and then do the commute to work! Then do it all again at the end of the day! It’s tiring!! #sharewithme

    1. It is tiring, I often think it shouldn’t be so exhausting, but getting three kids organised and out the door, on time, really is!

  12. My school run is much nicer than it was last September. Somehow we managed to get used to it now. But when its raining and the wind is pounding its another story. Somehow we have the same school run problem, the elemts. #ShareWithMe

  13. The school run is stressful enough without the snow added isn’t it! I was nearly in tears on Tuesday trying to push the pushchair through the little bit of snow we had, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have this much!

  14. Elizabeth - Little White Feathers

    Oh bless you. Sounds so difficult. I’ve no words of advice except for getting the kettle on at 8.21am! xx

    1. It’s not much fun, but just one of those things that you have to get on with. The kettle gets switched on as soon as I walk back through the door :)

  15. Sara, I love seeing your snow pics and for a split second I’m really jealous of how much you have. And then I think how much hard work it must make things for you. If there was that amount of snow here I’m pretty sure the whole country would grind to a halt! xx

  16. You are making me feel grateful for no snow! I can not imagine that amount and dealing with the hassle and kids with the school run. I take 6 kids to school each day in the car as it is a 5 mile drive down country lanes with no paths. I have to be honesta dn say it is very easy. Mich x

    1. Generally the school run is fairly straightforward, a couple of minutes in the car or a nice 20 minute walk… I’ll be glad to see the snow go!

  17. Hello there, wow! I spoke to my friend who lives in Somerville this week and she said it was snowy, but I had no idea it was this much! Hats off to you for persevering-and for getting three children out of the door on time, I have enough trouble with just one! x #sharewithme

    1. It is certainly snowy here at the moment :) I imagine that trying to get around Somerville is pretty tricky at the moment!

  18. Lucas says – Sorry but as a kid can I just say I am well jealous of all that snow. Could you imagine the amount of snowballs I could make from all that???? BTW I think the storm should definitely be called ‘Storm Lucas’!!!! #sharewithme

  19. Wicked World of Lucas

    Wow!! We start panicking when we get a couple of inches but this is unbelievable. I saw it on the news and when you see it from a friend’s perspective, it makes it seem really real and that it’s not just a load of fun. Hope you are all staying safe x #sharewithme

  20. We lived in snow country for most of our lives and I remember these drifts well. My husband was traveling in the Northeast this week and he said he was so tired of the snow and he didn’t miss it at all. It’s really pretty, but very messy! It’s true that you just learn to get on with it though! Hope you get a thaw and a break soon!

  21. Oh bless you hunny I grew up with snow like that and I remember going to school and getting ready for school like this all the time. It was like reading about my childhood but from my mother’s point of view. Bless her. Bless you! I hate the snow except for skiing holidays. lol It must be weird though if you aren’t used to it. Hope it goes soon for you! Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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