Country Kids: wading through snow

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Country Kids Wading Through Snow

After last weeks snowman building antics, Blizzard Juno dumped two feet of snow on us. This gave us the opportunity for a different kind of fun in the garden. Have you ever seen kids trying to walk in snow that deep?!

After the blizzard hit on the Monday night we had a day of being confined to the house (no school, State-wide travel ban…) watching the snow fall and fall, and fall. A snow day can be fun; we snuggled on the sofa, watched movies and had treats; but we were all feeling the cabin fever. However, we couldn’t get outside until I had dug us an escape route!

As my husband was away, our neighbour kindly took our snow blower out and cleared the driveway for us, and I made a several passes at clearing our front steps over the course of the day, keeping on top of the snow fall.

Wednesday was beautifully bright and sunny, and the snow had stopped, but with the City still working hard at clearing roads, another snow day was announced and the boys were at home again. After clearing the steps (yes, again!) we headed outside to play before the cabin fever reached ridiculous levels!

Unlike the snow the previous weekend which was heavy and wet (and perfect for building snowmen); the snow this time was light and fluffy. And deep!

Watching the kids attempt to walk on/through/in it was hilarious. Crawling over the top worked, after a fashion, until they stopped for too long, and sank… Really, it can best be described as wading through snow!

We lost gloves and snow boots in snow drifts, got cold hands and feet, and got very, very snowy :)

The first thing to be conquered was, what has become known (in my head anyway) as, Hydrangea Mound. Somewhere under that pile of snow is a large hydrangea…

Hydrangea Mound 1

Hydrangea Mound 2

While the boys were scaling Hydrangea Mound, the wee girl went exploring. Seeing her walk beside piles of snow that were taller than her was entertaining!

Exploring 1

Exploring 2

Exploring 3

Exploring 4

Of course, there is always time for some snow scooping and throwing!



Then came some serious snow wading. This was brilliant to watch. The kids thought it was hysterical as they sank further and further into the snow. Well, until gloves and boots started to get stuck and come off anyway!

Wading 1

Wading 2

Wading 3

Wading 4

Wading 5

We thought it worth a try with the sledges, and Hydrangea Mound was quite successful, but the snow was just too soft elsewhere, boy plus sledge equals stuck!

Sledging 1

Sledging 2

Sledging 3

Sledging 4

The kids had such fun in this snow; and I had a lot of fun watching. Although I did have to wade in myself on a couple of rescue missions!

This photo sums up the afternoon perfectly…

Snow is Fun

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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43 thoughts on “Country Kids: wading through snow”

  1. Gorgeous photos Sara – can’t imagine snow that deep let alone with kids trying to wade through it! Looks like they had a wonderful time out in it and that last photo is just adorable :-)

  2. That’s a lot of snow!! The type, and depth of snow which I’ve only ever seen on a ski slope. It must be fabulous to have so much just outside your back door.
    This is a lovely post where the children are clearly so very happy. I hope you enjoy it

  3. Oh Sara this is what my kids dream about! we had our first dusting this week and they were wild with excitement only to have it all melt in hours. This is the real deal, what fun, although after a few days I should imagine you’ve had enough. Wonderful photos of wading through the light newly fallen snow. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. It is amazing, and such a great experience for the kids, but I think I have had enough now… we’ve had another couple of feet since I took these photos!

  4. I have to say Sara that I have been seriously jealous every time I’ve seen your Instagram pics of the snow, although I’m sure at times it’s not the most convenient! Fantastic for the kids though – what wonderful photos for them to look back at – sledging! Yippee! Wish we could do that here x

  5. Little White Dinosaur

    Beautiful photos! I keep reading and seeing photos of snow on everyone’s blogs and I am sooo jealous. While I love the heat and humidity we have here, I would love love love a little of snow for a day or two! Hope you’re enjoying it – though, I’m sure the novelty wears off after a while!

    1. LOL! Wish I could send you some, Boston has now had over 62″ of snow in the last two weeks…!! That’s taller than me!

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