The Truth About: playing in the snow

The Truth About Playing in the Snow

Playing in the snow is fun. It’s magical. It’s exciting and sensory and full of possibility. Snow has potential.

It can be soft and light or wet and heavy. It can be fluffy or sticky. It can make great snowmen or snowballs or snow caves. It can be a perfect canvas for snow painting or an awesome sledge run. It can become snow ice-cream.


It can be cold. Toe numbing, finger freezing cold. It can make your hands burn. It can get inside your boots or go down the back of your neck.

We have had some fantastic snow fun this year.

We have also had some disasters.

Where we’ve been outside for five minutes before someone has lost a glove, tried to pick up snow with bare hands, lost a boot, stepped in a snow drift in socks, been hit in the face with a snowball, fallen over.

Got cold and cried.

And, back inside we’ve stomped.

The five minutes outside is sometimes not worth the twenty minutes of effort to get everyone kitted out in snow pants, snow boots, coats, hats, scarves, gloves…

So, the truth is, for every fun post I have written about the snow, there has been at least one failed attempt at getting outside!

Snow certainly has potential :)

And then the fun began...

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31 thoughts on “The Truth About: playing in the snow”

  1. Oh sweetie that photo says it all! I have similar memories from the other year when the snow went on forever… hope you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now xx

    1. Just about… the sun is shining as I type and we’ve had a lot of melt today (which is good as it snowed again last night….!).

  2. Oh, looks liek you r little one is having a blast in the photo!
    We have been out in the snow yet, Elliott is a little too young to understand it yet, but when is is old enough we will be heading out as soon as the first flake drops!!
    Suz xo

    1. It does make you wonder why you bothered :) But, then you have a fabulous time when you next go out… always worth a shot!

  3. I found the worst nightmare about snow was all the dressing up – snowsuits, gloves etc etc – and then having to find a place for it all to dry out afterwards without huge water puddles on the floor! But a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows back home always puts a smile back on my kids faces!

  4. See I hear about the disaster snow expeditions and I know how long it takes to get my lot into their waterproofs for rainy days but all I see is the pretty pretty snow!! I don’t think I could ever get tired of snow, possibly because I’ve never lived anywhere where the snow hung around long enough for that to be an issue!

  5. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    I hear you! The 5 minutes outside is NEVER worth the twenty minutes it took to get all of those layers on. It is lovely stuff, but probably easier when the kids can get themselves dressed totally independently!!


  6. I grew up with winters like this my whole life and I agree they have their moments of fun and adventure but mostly it’s cold, it’s freezing cold, it’s wet, it hurts when you fall and if it’s not fresh nice fluffy snow it’s hard and horrible and you can’t do much in or with it. Been there bless you. Hoping spring hits yall soon. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  7. Snow definitely has potential and I think I prefer the potential it has with a hot chocolate in hand looking at it from the inside – I suspect that’s because there’s been one too many slip or snowball in the face in the past for me. Hope it’s on its way soon! #sharewithme

  8. Great blog! What we would do when our boys were little was fill the bathtub with snow. Then they could make snowmen and snowballs without being exposed to the outside temperatures. #sharewithme #lifewithboys

  9. I’m really impressed that you managed to find so many different ways to enjoy the snow! Inevitably there were going to be some less successful moments but that’s life, eh? Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  10. Snow is awesome isn’t it? For about ten minutes. To be honest after that, I much prefer looking at it from the inside of a window pane by a glowing fire. It’s just an excuse for a lazy day in with lots of hot chocolate tbh! But yes, those first 10 minutes of fun are brill! #thetruthabout

  11. Lucas says – I got snow down my neck last time we had a snowstorm. It was not nice. I did not like it. The Mother had t give me some Haribo to make me feel better!!!! Hope you’re all well xx #sharewithme

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  13. They say a photo says a thousand words, and this one does! I always imagine the snow as being so much fun & I never saw it as a relentless mountain for cold, soggy wetness that can disrupt your day to day!
    Clearly here in the UK I haven’t experienced anything like the snowy winter you’ve gone thru – keep smiling, Spring will be here soon!!

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