Make: 100 Days Project

Make: 100 Days Project: 100 buttons with a Skylander theme

For the 100th day of school Kindergartners and First Graders at my sons’ school complete a 100 Days project.

In first grade this involves creating a poster board with 100 words on a subject. When my 8yo was in first grade he produced a poster on Scotland (I’m already trying to think what the 5yo can do next year…).

For the 5yo this year, his very first school project was to create a poster with 100 of an item, whether that be coins, pasta, stickers; you name it, as long as you can stick 100 of it to a board!

He immediately said that he wanted to create a man with 100 buttons. He was consistent about this; until I tried to work out how he was actually going to do it… 100 buttons isn’t actually very many buttons with which to make a man!

Now, I have to hold my hand up here and admit that I *may* have encouraged him to do something else, coming up with as many suggestions as I could for a theme. After all, it’s not as if he collects buttons!

In the end he chose Skylanders. But he still wanted 100 buttons.

So… after looking at many pictures, choosing a few of his favourite characters to print, cut out and stick on, we found an image of one of the floating islands.

That would be cool, he said.

Yes it would, I said, breathing a sigh of relief.

A floating island was cut out and stuck onto a blue and green background. Buttons became clouds and sky and grass and earth. My husband and I made the background board for him and cut out the Skylanders; he did all the rest of the cutting and sticking after that :)

And then, off he went to tell his classmates all about Skylanders. And buttons.

100 Days Project: 100 buttons with a Skylanders Floating Island theme

I try very hard to leave the kids do their own school projects and not be that mum. On the whole I succeed, only helping when asked and with tricky stuff (like cutting out a Skylander picture!), but I struggled a little (lot) with this one. He had to present his project to his class. What was he going to say about buttons?!

How involved do you get with your children’s school projects?

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16 thoughts on “Make: 100 Days Project”

    1. Absolutely, and I generally get far less involved, but I think a little guidance was needed this time :)

    1. I think that they need help with the concept of doing a ‘project’ – that they have to present as well as do. That takes a while to get the hang of x

  1. I like what you came up with! I sometimes have these struggles when I come up with an idea for the blog – sometimes it ends up quite different :)

  2. I wonder when the 100th day of school became a “Thing.” It wasn’t when I was in school. I guess it encourages counting and creativity. My oldest will be 5 next year. So far, I’ve just seen/heard of the kids wearing wacky outfits for the 100th day but perhaps there’s a project around here too. Your son’s project is adorable. Nice job on the support of a project he ended up loving and being proud of. Nice memory for you both.

  3. BakedPotato Mummy

    I think you both did a brilliant job! I’m sure he found plenty to talk about at school. Kids are amazing like that :)

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