Project 365: Week 11: 067-073








067: Last: teeny icicles, the end in sight…
068: Gone: the icicles are gone, but so is the gutter and porch railing…
069: Colour: more snow painting fun :)
070: Catch: almost a cake pop disaster, but I caught it!
071: Disaster: the pink crayon was broken…
072: Return: the garden is slowly emerging from the snow.
073: Swim: Saturday mornings are all about swim classes, for all three kids!

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26 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 11: 067-073”

  1. It must be such a relief to see the snow finally start to melt, although sorry to hear about the guttering! Love the wee girl’s sulky face in the broken crayon pic!

  2. You must feel that you’re living the film ‘Frozen’ and just waiting for the birds to sing it’s spring and the snow to melt! Love the expressions you’ve captured on wee girl’s face.

  3. oh dear at the broken gutter and railings, but no wonder with the amount of snow you had. I have enjoyed your icicle pictures.
    Laughed at the face pulling with the broken crayon,
    Good grief that is some size of garden.

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